Former TE Ricardo Miller (2010-2012) joins WWE

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on February 11th, 2019 at 3:49 PM

Becomes the second Wolverine to join WWE recently.

M Gymnastics' Stacey Ervin was signed to the WWE Performance Center less than a year ago and just recently 'won' a tournament on a non-televised NXT (WWE's minor league) show which indicates that he's gonna be on television soon. He's a natural fit from everything I've read.

Ricardo Miller was part of the 2010 recruiting class and was a teammate of infamous decommit Dee Hart at Dr. Phillips in Orlando, FL. WWE's Performance Center is also in Orlando.

Miller only appeared as a reserve TE in his 3 seasons here and some special teams work, but lettered and walked away with a Sugar Bowl ring.

Miller is second from left in the second row.




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I wonder if he's had any formal training before getting the gig.  There are a couple of experienced names on that list in that camp.

Wish him luck.


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Have a friend who went the NXT to other promotions back to WWE route over the last decade or so and he's told me they are much better at developing and marketing big athletes through NXT in recent years.

Still sounds like the guys who make it put in a ton of time on task so if he's inexperienced that will be tough, but the development side could work in Ricardo's favor. 


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beat me to it.  i think tragically that dude also lost/took his life.  playing with PED's, whether juice or HGH, is like playing russian roulette with your body and mind.  and even if it doesn't get you when you're using, the risk of later complications has got to astronomically higher later in life. 


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wow. scottie wrested at 177 and i think was that weight most all of college - he was my age.  robbie was a couple years ahead of us and was going to wrestle at 191.  b/w freshmen and sophomore year he started eating d-bol like they were m& m's (rumor has it....), and came back to school wrestling super heavy at 260, IIRC.  

scottie was calmer, good guy.  obviously something happened to that physique that wasn't natural after graduation.  robbie wasn't a bad guy but he had a hair trigger.  great guy to bounce with at charlie's though, fearless.  


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I haven't seen them but I will google in just a second.  

I have been lifting for 25 years and have been scared to death to try anything.  Take aware the health detriments, it seems to start an addictive cycle where you just can't / don't know when to stop.  

There may be guys at my local gym that use and I have zero clue, but the guys that clearly use look cartoonish.  They clearly have a body they were never meant to have.


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The Ultimate Warrior was the best then followed by Macho Man Randy Savage.  I still have the purple MM t-shirt.

WTH?  Both are dead.  I had no idea.   Who’s next Kieth Jackson? 

WTH x 2.   Leaping Lanny Poffo and Macho Man are brothers. 


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There are a few diaries from years ago laying about on this site which look at departures from those classes. I suppose some of them could be considered "busts" insofar as their impact, though obviously the reasons players leave vary. In any case, the results of those diaries are......well, drink first before you read them. 


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I remember him.  Met him on the golf course before a game when he was visiting.   Very nice kid.  I was so excited about him.  Just never quite clicked in college.  He was much more of a WR than a TE.  


Bird of War

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That's so awesome! Good for him. I remember he was everyone's favorite recruit from his class and was very active on Twitter recruiting others to come. Damn, was that already like 10 years ago??

Trevor Lee and ACH are both amazing. Saw them both in ROH and the indies a handful of times over the past few years and Ricardo will have great peers to learn from.

rob f

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I'm right now tuning in to WWE Monday Night Raw at 8 pm (USA Network)

My youngest brother and my nephew got free admission as "seat fillers" at VanAndel Arena in GR tonight, their assignment is to fill the empty seats closest to ringside and directly in front of the cameras, then move on to the next empty seats if the paying customer shows up for the seats they occupy.  One of my other brothers is a supervisor of ushers there and got them the freebie seats.