Former recruit impropriety rumors on Rivals Board [ED:Lock]

Submitted by His Dudeness on October 24th, 2012 at 2:00 PM

[ED:BISB - There are rumors on the Rivals board about a former recruit receiving improper benefits. Gonna lock this until further confirmation or other word from the higher-ups


ED the 2nd: - Brian pointed out that the guy's account is 4 days old. Grain-of-salt Factor has been increased]

[ED-Ace: Just to clarify, there are no rumors of impropriety on Michigan's part.]



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Didn't a former Auburn player explicitly state in a recent documentary that he received money from MSU and OSU before picking Auburn because they gave him the most? Whatever happened with that?


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I don't believe it for a second. The SEC doesn't pay their players. They have better coaches, athletes, schools, dentist offices, government housing, infrastructure etc. If they pay their players, then why did Cam Newton only drive around in a Lexus in college??



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Originally posted on the rivals board by "LukeFickell_DC_Extraordinaire." Ohio fan? Or is that irony? Hard to tell. I can't actually access his comments because I don't have a subscription.


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This type of thing is alluded to almost constantly in SEC hell.  I live in Tennessee and the stuff I casually hear about makes me increasingly jaded about 'amateurism' in SEC football.

San Diego Mick

October 24th, 2012 at 2:12 PM ^

 a surprise at all, Auburn could easily have a motto of "all of your highest paid athletes are belong to us".

It was just so suspicious the way that whole recruiting of Diamond was taking place, glad we didn't end up with him if true, I don't want guys like that that string schools along to go to U-M, clal me old school I guess.

With D. Green also looking at Auburn as well as us, it will be interesting if he chooses Auburn after the seasons they've had since (S)Cam Newton while we look to have a bright future under Hoke.


October 24th, 2012 at 2:12 PM ^

I wonder if the Michigan coaches ever catch wind of this sort of thing on the recruiting trail, and if they cut ties with recruits when they here about it. For instance, if this turns out to be true, are we to assume any sort of connections we had with the high school are all for naught now? Since you could look at the high school as dirty?