Former ND commit Elijah Hood pledges to UNC

Submitted by Paps on August 27th, 2013 at 9:08 PM

There is a link to an article HERE for anyone that's interested. 

Elijah Hood was a 4* (according to 24/7) running back recruit from Charlotte, NC.  He commited to North Carolina today.  He held a Michigan offer, and commited to Notre Dame after infamously flushing a bunch of Alabama letters down the toilet.  At 6'0" he is the #7 running back in the 2014 class according to 24/7. 

As for Michigan's running back hopes, this officially seals the deal on Hood. Here is how the Michigan running back offers in the 2014 class looks:

  • Jalen Hurd (Committed, Tennessee)
  • Joe Mixen (Not Interested)
  • Leonard Fournette (You've heard about him, but we've made his top 5)
  • Jonathan Hilliman (Commited, Rutgers)
  • Elijah Hood (Commited, North Carolina)
  • Kalen Ballage (We are in his top 5-7ish)

Our best chance is most probably Ballage, who is more of an athlete that could play rb, and split out wide some as well.  



August 27th, 2013 at 9:24 PM ^

says something about the character of this kid. I can only hope he took a long look at all the purple Kelly posts and had second thoughts about Notre Dame.

So I won't crack jokes about UNC, agent money and certain "academic" departments attracting him.

Sounds like a kid, who in the end didn't trust the swindlers and blowers of smoke, and decided to stay close to home. Good luck to him.


August 27th, 2013 at 9:46 PM ^

This was posted on a Georgia Tech Rivals site, but it is Elijah Hood's official statement regarding the commitment to North Carolina - LINK

"Further, this decision will allow not only my family, but also my community, to continue to be a part of me as I grow not only academically and physically, but in faith and maturity as well. "

He goes on for a bit longer about how this move aligns him with he believes life and football to be in the context of his life basically, and I don't see how anyone would begrudge him that really. He is also very gracious to every school that pursued him. 


August 27th, 2013 at 11:56 PM ^

1) I dont think Fournette is afraid of competition.  When you are the #1 back of your class and potentially the best of a 3-4 year time frame you don't sit there and go "gosh who am I going to compete against?" - you think "gosh who is going to have to compete with me?" 

2)  See Alabama.  Plenty of great backs, 1 after the other and it works.  I dont think there is any school he is going to consider where it is going to be Fournette and 5 stiffs in the backfield. 

3) I dont get how LSU signing the #1 ESPN back is going to hurt them (help us) and Damien Harris the #1 or #2 RB signing with UM would not just the same hurt us (and help them).  It either hurts both or doesnt matter per the logic you are using.