Former Michigan Stars Say Jim Harbaugh Is Bringing Bo Schembechler Era Back

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Slow news day and I havent seen this posted yet. Basically nothing new but I loved this part that I havent heard yet:


" atmosphere where competition is not just encouraged, but a requirement. After Saturday's spring game, the winning team feasted on steaks, while the losers were left with little more than pasta."…



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There is that, of course, particularly the lame "Top X Players In Y" articles which come in a slideshow format that only the those truly stuck for browsing ideas would ever finish.

They've also lifted citations from diarists and writers on this site in the past and somehow forgot to give folks a proper mention, so that goes agains them as well. To be fair, there are narrow exceptions to the BR rule - they do have some decent writers and articles like this are pretty innocuous. Definitely not an auto-ban thing like ChatSports.

Sac Fly

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Chatsports is an aggregate. They take Michigan content from all over the internet and host it onto their site, under a mirror of the original site.

The site gets a bad name around here for obvious reasons, but there's a huge difference between Chatsports and Chatsports Ace.


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pasta!!  Pasta was provided even though they did not score a point?  Not sure that is enough of a punishment to foster an ultra-competitive environment.


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Seriously. I like steak, but I can tuck into a plate of pasta and be very happy.

From my childhood (1960's) list of most-hated things: frozen asparagus (now love fresh grilled), glazed carrots, those awful pickled beets, and frozen okra.

If there's a difference between frozen okra and boogers, I can't see it.

True Blue Grit

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he has is own unique approach in many other things.  The ultra-competitiveness is certainly there.  And Harbaugh is very tough, but in a different way.  I think Bo was more of the "in your face" kind of tough where he'd scream & yell, or even tell guys they were off the team.  JH has adapted his own way to get the most out of players that works today. 


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You are hoping he is better than a memory, better than the way it felt when most of us were much younger.  He can have a better record, win championships and all the rest but he can't be better than a person who is held up like Bo.  For intance, there is very little reason to hold Bear Bryant above Nick Sabin but if you ask an Alabama fan the best coach they ever had is Bear.   Even those who never saw him coach and only heard stories. 


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There used to be a golf outing following the Spring game called "The Shank Open."  All the players, coaches, GAs, trainers, and equipment people participated, and after golf there was a BBQ.  Winners ate steak, losers ate beans and franks.

The NCAA stepped in and labeled the golf outing a prohibited benefit.  Thus, the Shank Open is no more.

Perkis-Size Me

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I'm happy if Harbaugh wants to bring aspects of that era back and I'm sure he will, but I'm also hoping that not everything is the same. Bo never won a national title, despite coming close, so let's hope Harbaugh doesn't bring that part back, too.

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There was definitely a different air about this team. Guys were flying around the field. The energy level was high and the attention to detail while sometimes off was better than recent spring games. Harbaugh loves Michigan and the Bo traditions and he will incorporate them not only because they work and make sense, but because they motivate without fear of the message getting lost in translation.

The fact that the school and fan base and alumni and former players are all one when it comes to supporting this magnificent program makes this transition a prelude to something special. People will support discipline when they respect the people who are demanding it as a means to a winning end.

What I love about Harbaugh is that he genuinely accepts Bo's lasting legacy as prologue for the mission of renewed team-building and winning but won't compromise his own integrity, or his quirky personality and competitiveness, just to fit somebody else's vision of what he should be.

The fact that Harbaugh went to school at Michigan, played at Michigan, studied at Michigan, lived in Ann Arbor both as a student and kid growing up, is what separates him from every other coach Michigan has ever had. Other greats have coached and played here. But he has the unique perspective that makes him an everyman for this program. And you can feel that attitude resonating around him since his homecoming. I can't remember when I felt better about our football future. It's been a long time coming.


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How about Jim Harbaugh brings the Jim Harbaugh era to Michigan?

We're trying to win a national championship and Bo never won one.   As a Michigan fan, it gets tiresome hearing so and so is bringing back a certain era of Michigan football back.  

Let the past be the past.   It hurts, but we weren't as good as a lot of our fans make us out to be during the Bo Mo and Carr  years.

I'm all for Harbaugh's era, an era better than the previous 3 great coaches listed. 


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This makes sense now. I sat front row on the Maize sideline. Towards the end of the game, Peppers was really fired up on the sidelines. I heard him yelling "I'm not eating spaghetti, I'm not eating spaghetti". Now I get it, lol

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Harbaugh just posted the following tweet:


@CoachJim4UM "Michigan Football will watch "American Sniper"! Proud of Chris Kyle & Proud to be an American & if that offends anybody then so be it!"

I would start a whole new post for this, but I dont have quite enough rating yet.  Hopefully someone will start a thread about this.  Deserves its own thread.

Bo was a republican.  Gotta think Harbaugh shares many of Bo's politics.

Brian and Ace must be enraged!!!  Slacktivists hate Sniper and anything pro-military.

Roc Blue in the Lou

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Welcome to the Har-Bo era of Meeeechigan Football.  It produces the toughest of teams, yet also the ballsiest of teams.  This era specializes in UM teams that not only pound the asses of their opponents, but do so always....ALWAYS...with smiles on their faces.  Its leader takes no prisoners and asks for no quarter.  He who brashly predicted wins as a young QB now brazenly delivers them as the head the teeth of the sulking lion and the slithering Urbs.