Former Michigan recruiting target, current Auburn QB Zeke Pike arrested

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There were rumors that Michigan cooled on this kid becuase of character issues. I actually think Coach Hoke would have been the right guy to deal with Zeke Pike's issue following his public intoxication arrest, especially since Hoke described himself as a guy who tried to drink every beer in Indiana while he was in college.

Here's to hoping he finds the support he needs at Auburn to turn himself around.



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is perfectly relevant. There's a slight difference between trying to drink every beer in Indiana while you're in college and trying to drink every beer in Alabama in one sitting.


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With guiding quarterbacks on the straight and narrow.

And to the OP, have you found your BA does you a lot better than you ever thought it would, whereas your JD seems to fail you in the big moments?


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Is not a huge deal for me since 70% of college students have had moments where they could have been charged with the same crime. Its the previous trouble listed in the article that concerns me and make me think Mr Pike may be kind of a knucklehead.


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with the one from the article on Thomas Guynes. Mainly - "Most people arrest themselves".

While I agree with you a huge number of college students have moments when they could have been charged with the same crime, most aren't chaged. I remember walking around AA intoxicated in public in view of police many times and I was never charged. I only had one friend who was, and it's because he was walking with an open beer in hand. The cops didn't stop anyone else.

I guess I agree wtih you to a point - being intoxicated in public isn't a big deal to me. But doing enough to get arrested should raise a red flag (unless it's like this:




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Just to let anyone who doesn't get the above joke in, it goes back to "Only discussing players who play for Michigan" which IIRC was a RR line regarding former players/recruits who got in trouble. Brian extended it to only discussing coaches who coach for michigan.

/Background info on mgojokes


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Not trying to be a dick but we had far from cooled on the kid. We were in it til he took his visit to auburn and then it was a done deal. The day he announced the blog acted like the sky was falling.

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After reading about some of his issues prior to his commitment to Auburn, I think it's a good thing he picked a school other than UM.  If I'm not mistaken he had some issues at a camp.

Mr. Rager

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They had the 2011 Elite 11 competition on ESPNU yesterday.  Zeke Pike was one of the competitors, and man... his mechanics were plum freaking awful.  I have no idea how he was so highly touted at one point (fell to a 3 star on Rivals, though).  Perhaps it is the last name, and his size.  I cannot see any reason beyond that.  


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I'm fairly certain that the overriding issue was that his name was Zeke...

In addition, the fact that he may or may not have slept with this creature could not have played in his favor:






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"It's a bit disappointing to hear this as an Auburn fan; Not because he drinks at 19 (I don't want to be hypocritical), but because so much was made of his character during recruiting." - Auburn fan from the SEC blog on ESPN

Quite possibly, some at Auburn may have thought this was the OTHER Zeke Pike from Edgewood, Kentucky  that didn't get tossed from a 7-on-7 and serve two separate suspensions during his senior year of HS (one resulting from what happened at the 7-on-7, I believe).


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Man he fell hard from where he was at one point. It was discussed that he may be the best QB in the 2012 class, and he ended up being the second best QB in KENTUCKY. I don't even think he was the best QB in Auburn's class.


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hoping he finds the support he needs at Auburn to turn himself around

Like none of us had too many drinks during the university years. 

Also, Pregaming with Pat...I hope Pat also finds the support he needs in the film community to turn himself around.



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Zeke Pike for a few years and graduated with some of the current Assistant Coaches at Dixie.  They all told me that Zeke is, for lack of a better word, a douche of the highest order.  I won't get into specifics about his character, but from the stories I hear about him back in northern kentucky, he is the definition of an entitled jock.

The biggest reason Zeke had such a following in high school is because his father is Mark Pike.  Mark is one of three retired jerseys from my alma mater and the only one to make a slight impact in the NFL as a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills. He played during that stretch where they kept making it to the Super Bowl and losing. Our head coach was getting calls about Zeke while he was playing for the FRESHMAN team.

Size-wise, Zeke is excellent (6'4" 225), but as mentioned above his throwing mechanics were awful. Not only that I observed him running sprints once and he was extremely out of shape (however, this was late summer before the start of his senior season). Zeke could barely make it down the field before doubling over, gasping for air. On the field Pike basically cobbled together a decent stat line through the strength of his above-average arm and the size to run over smaller defenders. I've seen much better QBs than Zeke graduate from Dixie with nowhere near the offer list he compiled, Greg Preston comes to mind.

In short, as a Buckeye fan I want to congratulate you guys on dodging a pudgy, underperforming bullet.  I hope Auburn didn't pay too much for Zeke.


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Pike is a joke.  White-trash, pure and simple.

Also, if anyone would like to hammer it out in a thread about what Bama and Michigan will put on the field - on-the-field, football discussion only, please PM me. Or start it andf let me know.  I check this board frequently, I'd like to chat with your guys about rosters, schemes, and such.  To see what I'm about, look up my profile to see my only post here since I joined, in a blog of some sort.  As a corollary, I joined at the behest of another poster here, and am fairly well-versed in the decorum here.  Take care all, and Roll Tide.


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...this board seems like a polite factory run by nuns, which is fine.  So, yes, you seem to have decorum, by internet standards anyway.  I get tired of the nonsense on many other forums.  No offense.

Perkis-Size Me

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This doesn't surprise me at all. I remember reading a while back about this kid running his mouth on Twitter and bad-mouthing Alabama (at least I think it was Alabama, could be wrong on that).

Hope he gets his act together, but all I can say is be thankful we have Shane.