Former DL Target Rutger Reitmaier to Transfer From Oregon

Submitted by Caesar on July 16th, 2017 at 5:22 PM

Allegedly he's leaving Oregon because he wants to be closer to home (link). He was a take for the staff at some point, and Michigan has some open scholarships. 



July 17th, 2017 at 12:05 PM ^

Hoke is a great DL coach.  Maybe not up for the task that Michigan requires as HC but at smaller schools and as a DL coach he's hit it out of the park.

No need to dump on what the consensus is a great guy.

Sure am glad we upgraded in the HC department though.  I would be glad to hear of Hoke being a DL here in the future though if that was ever on the board.  His eye for DL talent in particular has graded out very well.


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To fairly approach the likelihood of Brady Hoke ever coaching in any capacity for Michigan football again, I'd say that the chances are slim. Not because of whatever politics or whatever. Yeah, that will play a role. I think that it has more to do with getting someone young and up and coming than Hoke's history with the university. Harbaugh seems more likely to pick someone with upward mobility in their career path than he is a Hoke type. That's a much bigger impediment to Hoke without even factoring in his past history. That alone makes it unlikely.

Stringer Bell

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I dunno about that.  He did choose Don Brown to be DC, and he's unlikely to have any upward mobility due to his age.  He also chose Greg Mattison to coach the DL.  Seems like Harbaugh will choose the best candidate, and given Hoke's chops as a DL coach and recruiter he'd be a valuable addition to the staff in that capacity.


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I don't think it's that unlikely.  He kept Mattison on as a DL coach even though he was formerly the DC and doesn't look like he will go anywhere.  He also hired Don Brown who is towards the end of his career and doesn't seem to be looking to become a head coach.

Hoke would be a natural successor to Mattison, he is great at identifying DL talent, has proven he can coach them, and is a fantastic recruiter who players love. The impediments to his coaching at Michigan again would be fan/administration backlash and personal feelings.  If Harbaugh wanted him, he could get by the backlash, but it would be up to Hoke if he could work at Michigan again the way it ended.


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To be fair, Mattison is regarded as one of THE best dline coaches in college football, and has experience as both a college and NFL DC. Brown just finished coaching the top defense in the country with a bunch of scrubs. Hoke... can recruit?

All of Harbaugh's hires have fallen into one of two categories.

1) young up and coming coaches with recruiting chops
2) Highly regarded and experienced coaches that are considered among the elite in their particular area.

Hoke doesn't fall into either category. And aside from recruiting, it doesn't seem like he brings much to the table.


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It all depends on how he does at UT this year. Position coaches are hard to place a value on. Hoke had a lot of success at Michigan with elite players under Lloyd Carr, who was a very underrated defensive mind (before the spread offense explosion).

As someone who watched a lot of his team's film, his defenses at SDSU and Ball State were incredibly mediocre. Not because of talent, but just stupid scheming (stunting on obvious run situations, guys not knowing how to engage 1 on 1 in the trenches, etc). When he was head coach at Michigan, that DLine had Mattison's fingerprints all over it. I won't hold his year at Oregon against him, because he wasn't even given a chance.

I'm more or less playing devil's advocate here, but this will be a defining year to see if he has adapted to modern offenses. I hope he succeeds. Unfortunately, we've seen old UM coaches get labeled as experts due to their surroundings and then not adapt to the game( looking at you "QB Guru" Cam Cameron).

One thing that is undeniable is that he is definitely worth a salary for his recruiting alone. We'll just have to see if that would require him to have a rockstar DC overlooking him.

Eye of the Tiger

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He's a great DL coach. 

The issue is that he's a former head coach, who presumably still has friends and allies among boosters, in the athletic department, etc. While no one besides Dave Brandon would pick Hoke over Harbaugh, there's a lot of potential there for Hoke to undermine the guy who was hired to replace him. Or, just as importantly, potential for people to perceive Hoke as undermining the guy who was hired to replace him. 

It's an unecessary distraction, and there are plenty of other good DL coaches out there without the history, 

Mr Miggle

July 16th, 2017 at 10:03 PM ^

While the stuff you point out often would keep a former coach from returning, only one person's opinion on the matter really counts. I don't think in this specific case that Harbaugh has anything to worry about. I don't know how likely it is that Hoke wants to come back, but I could see Harbaugh wanting to hire him.

Eye of the Tiger

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Hoke has a close relationship with the Harbaugh family, but individually its with Jack and John, not Jim. He's said some passive aggressive things about Jim in the past, probably sour grapes related to his getting fired from his dream job, rather than any serious issue he has with Jim Harbaugh. But that right there illustrates the potential dangers of hiring him in a subordinate position. 

For example: (FREEP) LINK

(That said, if Harbaugh were to do it, I'd trust that he'd know what he was doing. I jsut don't think it's very likely.) 


philidor's legacy

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It appears Reitmaier might be homesick. We saw that with Asiasi. Others might not like the situation of coaching once they get on campus. Seems like more and more commits are transferring. What do you think are the most common reasons for this? Does the recruiting process fall short? Do kids rush to decide? Would like to here your insights.


July 16th, 2017 at 10:58 PM ^

Lot's of students get homesick. When you move from one state to another, you start missing things that either never seemed like a big deal, and you quickly forget any negative attributes about friends and family. Once you start missing those things, you have a panic attack realizing that you will only be able to expereince those things you miss once every year or so. 


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while true....everyone is wired differently...some people have a tough time being away from their comfort zone, and in todays world of high profile fluff LOI stunts some kids may fall short of their expectatins once the adrenaline wears down and the coaches are in your shit instead of feeding you a sales pitch...sometimes college isnt what kids think it is....judge all you want you arent him and have no clue. kids are funny.


July 17th, 2017 at 12:21 AM ^

I would not be shocked to see him back.  

I think he can Coach the D line and he can recruit.  Kids and their families like him.  I think he would walk from TN to Mi to Coach here again: )