Former Central Michigan and Indy Colts HB Zurlon Tipton deceased

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What a shame.  I hope this doesn't start a political discussion about gun safety, but it probably will.  This is just an unfortunate tragic accident above all else.  Someone earlier in another thread said deaths come in threes...  While Tipton certainly didn't have the impact Buddy Ryan or Pat Summitt did, he's still an athletic figure in a public light.


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Sad.  You have to respect firearms and follow the basic rules.  These are not fucking negotiable.  


  1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.


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I'm no gun expert, in fact I know very little about guns... but I'm wondering if most folks actually follow rule 3? That rule would make sense for hunting, but if you carry a gun for self defense, do you really want to have to load it first? I'm guessing most conceal/carry people carry loaded weapons with the safety on. Is that correct?

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One problem is he may well have had it safetied, and the gun became unsafetied because it was loose in a duffle bag.  I know a few people who rely on the safety as their primary safeguard against accidental discharge, and it's strikingly reckless to do so.

Tragic accident, but I like this chatter on the board about gun safety. 


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holder is for extra magazines, not to put the only magazine you have in. No one I know that carries does so without at least the mag in the weapon. There are plenty - including myself - that don't have one in the hole but I'm fairly certain everyone at least has a mag in the gun.


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No. On many firearms, the safety can be flipped to the hot position inadvertantly.  On the basis of relative risk, do you think you are more likely to be hurt or killed by your own loaded firearm with a round chambered, or because you found yourself in a situation where you didn't even have time to load a mag?


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It's generally best to carry with one in the chamber, but the difference is a quality holster protects the trigger from being pulled accidentally. A modern gun in good working order will have multiple safety features that prevents firing unless the trigger is pulled.

As far as long guns go, a manual safety is what keeps the gun safe to carry with one in the chamber. Even then it's advised to unload in any situation where the gun may be out of your direct control.

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It IS a gun issue if stupid people can have guns.

Think about what you just said.

This is an awesome thread and I've learned a ton as someone who knows NOTHING about guns.

But think about what you just's not a gun issue, you want to push your agenda on gun control, whatever...but you say it's a stupidity issue...which from reading this thread - you're 100% correct. 

But if stupid people can have guns or easily get IS a gun issue as well.

I don't want stupid people carrying guns and I don't think you do either. He could've easily killed me or you if we were in his presence with him being a not so bright human being.

It's possible that people who are FOR gun control are really just FOR stupid people and dangerous people not having guns - and if that makes it tougher for good people to have guns, then so be it...better than the other way around in their eyes. I'm sure many of those people couldn't care less if smart non-killers have guns. Not all of those people, but some.

It's not black and white is my point. It can be both.


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We recruited him somewhat out of HS, but never offered. We were close to offering and people (like usual) went nuts about it. Turns out he likely would have been the best RB on our team.


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Not to knock a fellow Chip, however his death, while tragic was clearly avoidable.  This guy seemed to be reckless with his firearms:

Tipton had been involved in a previous shooting incident. He was arrested in late 2015 in Greenwood for allegedly firing a semi-automatic rifle. According to the December 2015 news release from the Greenwood Police Department, Tipton was arrested after police responded to reports of gunshots in the 1400 block of Round Lake Road. Witnesses told police the suspects fled the scene in a Jeep, which was tracked down a couple of blocks from the scene. Tipton, the driver of the Jeep, was questioned along with his brother, Cortez Tipton, who was a passenger. Police found a loaded 9mm handgun and a loaded Colt AR-15 assault rifle in the car. The prosecutor’s office declined to file charges, according to the Greenwood Police Department.


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I caught this on TV last night when Channel 7 in Detroit ran with it - very tragic indeed. They also played the 911 call on the air, and the shock and horror from the people at Mike Riehl was pretty evident too, as you would expect. 

The Colts were out on social media offering reflections as well - those are here, linked in this PFT article - LINK

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I've never touched a gun in my life, so in fairness maybe I have a slight excuse, but I had no idea that a gun can just "go off" if it is in your bag. Scary. I guess I assumed the trigger is a little harder to pull? You know people have guns in their purses. If someone drops their purse, can the gun go off?? Sorry if this sounds ignorant.


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for a modern, double action handgun to go off due to dropping. A cocked single action maybe would/could. What likely happened is something in the bag shifted and pressed the trigger. A lot of handguns don't come with a safety or an external hammer. When they're cocked you better be serious about it.


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Guns don't usually just go off. I mean, theoretically it's possible, but the instances of a truly safetied firearm firing are slim. In some cases, the safety works better if the gun is locked - not that I'd recommend that...

The average trigger pull weight for something like a Glock or Beretta is about 5 pounds. That's less than it sounds like. Combine that with the shifting contents of a duffel, a safety that isn't quite off but isn't quite on, and an idiot who feels the need to carry loaded and locked firearms around...


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Because I only have personal experience with Glocks, but with a Glock it's as close to impossible as it can get.  There's a trigger safety that need to be depressed initially before the trigger can be pulled.  They also have firing pin safeties that block the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.

So the only way for a Glock to accidentally fire is by stupid unsafe firearm handling, and even then it would still be hard.  First it would have to have a round chambered and something would need get stuck on the trigger safety and actually pull it.

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This asshole brought a loaded .38 into my son's four-year birthday party in a loose purse, and set the purse on our kitchen table with the gun showing.  Next to the cake, with maybe ten kids around under the age of eight.  All at a rural lakeside location.

She was pissed that I grabbed the purse and gun (carefully, of course) and told her calmly but firmly to put it in the trunk of her car and never bring anything like that into my house or around my kids again.  I was ... unrelenting in my position.

Tons of dopes in this world.  I'm happy that my brother upgraded wives a few years later. 


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Own a gun if you want to. Leave it out in the open-- ESPECIALLY AROUND KIDS-- and even the two NRA nuts I know (and I say that lovingly, since they are uncles) would put the fear of God into an atheist. 

I, too, am glad your brother upgraded. That sort of stuff infuriates me to no end. guns, cars, and recreational vehicles are simiar in one way: use common sense and never forget they are very powerful, descrutive forces if they aren't respected. 


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That is correct. Guns are not toys. If u follow a few very simple rules this shit almost never happens.
That being said...I feel for his family. There's no taking back what is done. Hopefully people will learn from this senseless tragedy.

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People treat guns like they do Tic Tacs.  One is for fresh breath, the other to save your life when the inevitable moment comes where you must become Rambo and save the planet.  Just toss them both in your bag & forget about them... then try to remember which is which.  

Not that it matters, as accidents happen to OTHER people and you are always responsible.

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Damn. Feel terrible for his family. Even worse is that this kind of tragedy happens literally every day, but we only hear about this case because he was a famous athlete.