Former 5-star LB Mike Mitchell to transfer from OSU

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According to the 11W article, Mitchell is leaving to be closer to his ailing father. Obviously, it's a tough time for the Mitchell family, and I wish them the best. 





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I assume the NCAA will initially not allow him to play following transfer because there has been no death in his family and will eventually bend to public pressure and allow him to play in the fall.


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Thoughts and good vibes to the Mitchell family in a difficult time. That cannot be an easy thing to give up, but it is family, and hopefully all goes as well as possible. 

I remember reading a while back about Ken Mitchell actually, and the sort of rarified air he is actually in - not only is he one of the relatively few people to play in the NFL, but he was apparently the first person whose response to knee replacement surgery was to climb Mount Everest, which he did in 2006 as I recall. Very awesome. 

Haxel Rose

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I hadn't been to 11W in a while and, is it just me or is the new web design trend of "OMG pictures everywhere" incredibly annoying? I value sites like mgoblog, google news, and reddit precisely *because* there isn't a bunch of superfluous crap all over the place.


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Count me among those that hate it.  Peter Kings MMQB site comes to mind and (at a glance) I have no fucking clue when an article is posted because its a 3 x forever grid of random articles with content constantly being pushed down the page. 

I feel like grid formats with large headers are for drive-by browsing and not "power" users.  I like my stories to be posted in a vertical chronological order so I can quickly see new content and decide if I want to read it or not.     


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are doing it wrong. I've stopped visiting You hit the front page and can see 3 friggin stories (on my 22" monitor). Do they think people have lost the ability to read words?!

Honestly, I almost don't want Brian to redo MGoBlog because of this trend of designing for tablets. It's completely different than responsive design and must be easier to implement or something.

Cville Blue

February 9th, 2014 at 9:13 PM ^

I remember seeing him at the opening and thinking about what an athletic freak he was.  It's hard to second guess a kid that is making a tough decision with his family in mind.  I wish him and his family the best of luck.  


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Absolute monster of a player! Wish him and his family the best. He's definitely doing the right thing with going to be closer with his dad. Coming from someone who has a very sick parent I would do the same in a heartbeat.


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We had a running back from Texas leave for simular reasons during the RR days of doom. Can't remember his name with my oldtimers disease getting worse. IIRC He had a video on You Tube showing him jump over a would be tackler in high school.


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Big, tough, and strong, so it's easy to forget these are just kids.

Really, really, really, hope his father pulls through and is able to watch his son continue to grow up.

Heart goes out to him