Former 2010 Florida Commit, 5 Star DB Jonathan Dowling Considering Michigan?

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I was just reading ESPN's update on Big Ten recruiting found here: Among other things it says:

One name to keep an eye on is 2010 Florida signee Jonathan Dowling. The former Under Armour All-American was considering an official visit to Michigan last season before deciding to end his recruitment and stick to Florida. Now that Dowling and the Gators have split, Michigan could be in play.

Dowling was a 5 star #1 ranked saftey, and #10 overall to ESPN. Scout had him as a 4 star and the #5 saftey. And Rivals had him as a 4 star athlete, #176 overall player.

I follow recruiting pretty closely and this is the first I've heard of Dowling having any interest in UM. While unlikely, if this is true, this would be an enourmous pickup. TomVH or any other insiders care to shed any light on this?



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Says so right there on the bottle:

"The best External Preparation for BYCICLISTS and ATHLETES. It makes the Muscles supple and Relaxes the Cords. Loosens the Joints and gives a feeling of Freshness and Vigor to the whole System." (sic)

Zvornik Bosna

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That he got kicked off the team? Meyer said that he has no shot to earn his way back on to the Gators team. I know we need a big time safety but if this kid is being let go by Florida for "violation of team rules" I don't want to recruit him here.


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Can we stop for a second and consider what Dowling must have done to get him kicked off the Florida team such that he has "no chance" to earn his way back? Meyer has a team that has something like 30 arrests by 28 differnt players. I feel like nothing short of dealing crack during a Gators game while assaulting small children would be a crime worthy of getting kicked of Meyer's team


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Florida coach Urban Meyer kicked freshman safety Jonathan Dowling off the team because for not complying with staff and coaches, as well as skipping classes, multiple sources said.


Here is what they want you to believe.


Dowling also was frustrated with his lack of playing time and did not get along with his position coach, Chuck Heater. He played against Miami (Ohio) and Kentucky, but did not participate in the past four games.

Link per samsoccer7-


 This would piss a lot of talented kids off, not a problem here at U of M. If he qualifies, i say take him and see what he can do.


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Dowling, who ESPN rated the No. 10 prospect in America last year, was kicked out for missing class and defying Florida staff members, multiple sources said. Dowling did not return a message seeking comment.


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Meh, kind of. There have been some exceptions. By no means does RR run a rogue program in terms of the law, but it hasn't been 100% clean of any trouble.

I don't know that we need a guy with attitude problems coming here right now. Of course, there is the possibility he has gotten the message that shit has to change otherwise he will have wasted an opportunity at being in the NFL. I can't take a side on this one. Whatever the coaches decide is fine by me.


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With leaders like Denard, Martin and Kovaks on our team, I think even if he does happen to have character issues (which is clearly FAR to early to judge) the guys on the team would hold him accountable. At an SEC school...could be a problem.


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Heck, sounds like a keeper to me, we have a punter with an attitude who kicks the living Hell out of the ball so maybe this kid will blitz the crap out of the QB!  Go get him Rich!


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If he got kicked off a team that has seen 31 arrests under Meyer's tenure, a DOZEN of which involved felonies and violent crimes, and most of which didn't result in team dismissals... wow. I mean, Chris Rainey was booked for aggravated stalking earlier this SEASON and is still suiting up for the Blue-and-Orange.

The last guy I remember getting kicked off the team was using a dead girl's credit card for six months... it takes a LOT to get past Meyer's breaking point...

We might want to give the kid a look, but be careful of what you wish for...



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Man, I am so beyond all of this "That's not how we do it" stuff.  Yes, I want to win the right way.  But if we want to give a kid a second chance, he should be allowed to play here, and have his actions judged by what happens at Michigan.  Other programs have no qualms picking up kids like this.  Our turn to play that game.