Forcier outlines some schools that he is interested in

Submitted by go16blue on May 24th, 2011 at 6:24 PM

I have to say, this whole situation seems a bit weird. Tate announces that he will be going to Miami, but then never goes back to their campus. Then he says that it is so he can stay close to home... and says that he is considering going to Auburn.



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What if Zeke Pike chooses Auburn and then gets beaten out by ex-UM QB Tate Forcier?  It would only be for his first couple years, but still.


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I'm not sure why you assume his problems stem from his freshman season in college.  If the the "QBForce" website (which has been up and running since early in his high school career) is any indication, he hasn't exactly been a picture of humility at any time.  In fairness, he seems to have some real head cases for parents.  


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This is all a smoke screen designed to protect the secret of the brilliant, however illegal, Forcier for Hoke straight up trade that we secured with SDSU in late 2010.

Space Coyote

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I'm thankful for many of the memories he made at Michigan, but why would Auburn or USC want him.  He is a solid QB at best - while these two schools are getting potentially better ones out of recruiting - and he has past troubles with grades.  

I know he was young while at Michigan, but his decision making on and off the field didn't seem to improve, his accuracy was ok, is arm strength average at best, and his height will cause some limitations.  I don't see why either school would come near Tate.  I think he can be a solid starting QB at a smaller school in a smaller conference, but I do think he was fairly easily past by Denard and was going to be by DG here too.  And that was in a system he at least had a chance in (Auburn's is similar, but not USC, and Auburn has some really good potential talent at QB there or coming in).  

The smaller schools he has listed make sense, but not Auburn or USC.


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I agree completely.

Tate was basically handed the starting position at UM as a frosh because there simply wasn't another viable option (Denard was too raw and Sheridan was...well, Sheridan). He is not a quality BCS-level starting QB in my opinion.

Tate should go to SDSU, U of San Diego or a similar program in Southern California where he has the potential to actually compete for a starting position and be closer to friends/family for the emotional support and guidance he clearly needs.


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10 bucks says be ends up at SDSU.  It would be close to home and they'd probably love to have him.  They're also the best team of the realistic options on that list.


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Since it's an FCS division school he won't have to sit out a year. I don't think he's inclined to ride the bench during a year of ineligibility.


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The kid is 20 years old and experienced incredible highs and lows for a kid so young.  We have a QB.  We have a program.  Let's wish the kid well and move on.  Stop being so judgmental.  I know it's easy to judge others, especially those in the public eye.  But seriously.  Show some dignity.  I hate this BS.


Desmonlon Edwoodson

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I still think he can be a really good college quarterback.  At bare minimum he is talented enough for football to pay for 2 more years of school.  I just hope he figures out that the actual "school" aspect is the important part, and as they say in the big ten commercials, he'll likely be going pro in something other than football.


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He sounds scattered.  I hope he finds whatever it is he's looking for.  I still think he needs to be a big fish in a small pond.  That certainly won't happen at Auburn.