Forcier = Heisman? Really?

Submitted by BostonWolverine on September 16th, 2009 at 3:49 PM

Take a peek here: .

What you see will terrify you. At the very least, it scared the hell out of me.

I hate this stuff. This guy has played two games. Two. Games. He's looked good for the most part. He made a few bad throws and his receivers have bailed him out by making tough catches (see: Kevin Koger's acrobatic grab against Western).

Why, I mean, why on earth is THIS the result of two wins? You want to talk about overinflated expectations? Jesus, man.

I suppose this is what you get for starting 2-0 after a down year and a tumultuous offseason.

Wait and see if he throws for 4 scores against Penn State. Then we'll talk. I doubt it'll happen, though. I live in the world of realistic expectations.



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Before we were complaining about the bad press now were not happy with Forcier getting praise? Well eventually there will be a freshman Heisman why not Forcier? I agree its a little too early to tell but just read and enjoy the good press were getting


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Seriously, some of you guys need to stop being such downers. Obviously, he's not going to win it. But hey, it's fun to have him get some pub. It's good for the program to get positive attention, especially after the last miserable last 12 months we just had.


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I love the good press. I am thrilled that Sheridan didn't get any playing time, and I agree that Tate deserves some publicity. He's going to be an excellent player for our program (and perhaps beyond) in the years to come. I just don't like it when people act like the world is gorgeous again with a tiny sample size.

In MLB this year, Emilio Bonifacio started his first six games 14 for 24 with a home run and 4 Stolen bases. Every column in the baseball world was hailing the emergence of this guy. He has 21 SB now in 450 AB, is hitting .251 and hasn't hit a home run since.

My point? I just wish the hype machine would stop with this all-or-nothing crap. I'm not being a downer. I'm just a little bit wary of anyone being dubbed the second coming this fast. I hope he is, but this is a lot to have to keep up.

Blue Bennie

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It's fine for us to read. It seems ridiculous, but who cares. Take it for what it is.

However, I would hope that the players wouldn't read too much of this, just as I hoped that they didn't read too much of the Free Press garbage.


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I mean, the 90 million sports internet sites have to have something to put up. The days of reading an old-fashioned newspaper article are WAY over. I mean, for shit's sake, I'm on MGoBlog 20 hours a day. Without fluff articles like this, what the hell would I do at work?


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a comment from one of my law school classmates at Michigan. We're sitting in class, discussing the nuances of employment discrimination and race relations, and this really irritating a-hole law student posed the following hypothetical: "What if all the blacks lined up on one side of State Street and all the whites lined up on the other side. And you had to pick a side. Where would you go, my GOD where would you go."

My friend, not waiting for the professor to respond, said: "South U?"

One of my best memories from law school.


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...they're just talking about Tate accepting the Heisman on behalf of Zoltan.

The Space Emperor is already busy that night. He's accepting the first ever combination Nobel Peace Prize/Dancing With The Stars Title/Grammy Award.

Steve in PA

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He's a few years younger than me but from the same area. I remember watching the ND games and Beano declaring him ready for 2 Heisman. He never recovered from that pressure.

He was a great HS QB that went to a running team even though he had offers from schools like Florida State. System and pressure killed him.

I hope Tate gets to enjoy the game of football rather than carrying all that weight of expectations.


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Plus, just wait, as soon as Forcier has a mediocre game (let alone a bad one) there will be plenty of idiots coming out of the woodwork to bitch. Just like, if Robinson gets a chance for sustained play against Eastern or Indiana and tears it up, you can bet there will be multiple board posts/discussions about who the quarterback should be.

My point? Portions of the Michigan fan base, like any other, are prone to irrational exuberance on the one hand and throwing themselves off a building on the other. I try to be somewhere in the middle, and just enjoy the current state of affairs.

West Texas Blue

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Yeah, the Forcier for Heisman is pretty crazy, but I'll take every bit of positive, good stories on Michigan football. Only one sophomore has won the Heisman (Tebow), so I doubt a freshman could win it unless his team won the MNC, puts up ridiculous stats, and all the upperclassmen who were Heisman contenders flat out stunk.


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Tate has some confidence. Some serious confidence - verging on cockiness. Honestly, I think M could use a little swagger, a little moxie. I love that about him.

A little background on previous posts: This article was a third strike for me. I have heard from (plural) people the following comparisons for Tate Forcier in the past week: 1) Tiger Woods. 2) Tim Tebow.

Then there was this article. Maybe I had a slightly more visceral reaction as a result of that. Even though Tebow bugs me, he's a winner. So is Tiger (and I think people are seeing Tate's "I've been getting ready for this my whole life" quote with little Eldrick Woods hitting a golf ball with his dad).

To borrow from Aaron Sorkin/Toby Ziegler:
"You wanna tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing? Go outside, turn around three times and spit."


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Does anyone know how close braford was his fresh yr(rs) to win heisman? I know he had 30 tds.

As a True fresh, if Tate throws 30-35 tds(Mich record is 24), and has a couple rushing tds, he should be considered. A 18 yr old doing that is redic!


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Heisman rankings / any rankings are irrelevant in September. Usually they are still based on the author's preseason guesses on who will be the best, and not on what has actually happened or at all indicative of what will happen.

Sit back, enjoy the fact that someone was actually paying enough attention to acknowledge that forcier indeed had a heismanyish start to the season, and shut up. it might be years or never again that tate is mentioned with heisman buzz. this is not the first time he's gotten over the top praise, its not like he's gonna be a totally different qb now that some guy no one cares about has mentioned him in a heisman buzz blog.