Forcier in the Forde Yard Dash

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"Contrast that apology with this surprising burst of accountability from Michigan freshman quarterback Tate Forcier (4). Less than 90 minutes after the Wolverines lost in overtime to Michigan State, 26-20, The Dash got a text from Forcier declaring, "I take complete fault for that loss.""

So the kid almost single-handedly leads us back from a 14 point deficit with 5 minutes to go, almost collapses from exhaustion, throws on bad pass in OT and texts ESPN to apologize.

Tate Forcier is better than you.



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+1: What Forde (still a dirtbag, btw) said about Forcier

-100: Putting Forcier's picture on the homepage next to Blount and Kiffin.


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That's fantastic. He gets what it means to be a QB at this level, or any level. When you're the guy that can put a whole game on your shoulders and remove that weight from other players by claiming responsibility, you put the whole team in a better position to win.


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His attitude is truly unique. It is very hard to believe he is a freshman. I love that he takes accountability, even when it isn't rational to blame himself. It is the mark of a true leader who doesn't make excuses. This can only be a positive for the rest of the team, and will hopefully rub off on everyone else.

I also liked what Stonum said in post-game comments to the effect that he needed to make a big play since he let the team down from his case of fumblitis earlier in the game. I think he is really turning the corner in his Michigan career.


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I'm probably just out-of-touch here, but is it common practice for college athletes to send text messages to corporate media outlets "less than 90 minutes" after a game? Is this just how some people do interviews now, and Tate's text was a response to Forde's?


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Good question, unfortunately I don't know the answer. If I had to guess I'd say that "The Dash" (I truly hate his style of referring to himself in the third person using a pseudonym, that just seems self-defeating and contradictory) texted Forcier and that Forcier simply responded.

I Miss Bursley

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Ahh your explanation makes some sense. I was confused why Forcier would be texting pat forde that soon after a game (or at all). When I first read the column I thought it was supposed to be a joke or something. But I guess it makes more sense that he would be responding to a text from someone at ESPN...

In any case, good for him.


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This was a couple of obvious observations about a talented kid... Forde is merely disguising the curse he is trying to give Tate in a shroud of journalistic praise. (see also, Herbstreet, Kirk)


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We all saw what happened when Miami's Jacory Harris took responsibility for the eight dropped passes the week before Saturday's game against Oklahoma. Maybe the result will be the same for UM this week.

I am very impressed with Forcier showing this kind of leadership, as I was with Harris. I have seen a lot of senior "leaders" at QB who wouldn't do what either of them did. I just hope the media doesn't do the Tim Tebow routine on him.


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Are you sure that you don't want the whole Tebow routine for Forcier? There are multiple reasons that Florida has 54/60 first place votes in the AP and 57/59 for the Coaches even though Alabama actually played last week and has played well; one of those reasons is definitely the media hype and love of Tebow. And since polls count in the end, I wouldn't mind having that kind of media hype to help propel us to #1 or #2.

Remember, the best we can ever do is go undefeated, but since other teams can do that too, we need "help" to make sure that we're higher than another unbeaten BCS team and thus get the better bowl. Florida has that "help" with having Tebow on their roster, I wouldn't mind having that same "help" that comes with having Forcier on the roster. It's annoying, but I doubt that you'd mind much since all the hype would be centered around us and not someone else.


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Also loved the comments in "Michigan Monday" with the high praise from OSU for Forcier. If the defense is merely passable, and the offense good, it appears that Forcier will be enough of a difference maker to pull out a number of wins.


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If the media is starting the same type of love affair with Tate Forcier as they currently have with Tim Tebow, how long before the rest of the country hates him.


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It doesn't matter how big of a douche Tebow may or may not be. If it wasn't for ESPN and the rest of the world acting like college football didn't exist before his presence and will cease to exist when he leaves I would care about him as much as I cared about about JaMarcus Russell.


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This speaks volumes about the team's approach this year, especially as compared to last. Note also Stonum's quote about having to make something happen after fumbling, VB's quote last week about making the wrong check on D on the 85 yard TD, Mathews taking the blame for the pick in the ND game...the list goes on.

This team is really fun to root for...they just seem to get it


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wow...Tate actually text'd that guy that message? wow... Tate is really plugged in. He text's Drew Brees too among other people....

He is definitely going to win a Heisman before he is done at Michigan.


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It wasn't his fault. He can be bummed about losing, but I'm not big on people taking responsibility for things that were obviously not their responsibility. I'm as big a fan of Tate as anyone else, and the last thing I'd want to see is for him become disingenuous.

That being said, so long as we don't engrave it on a plaque on the side of the Big House, we'll be alright.


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I've thought about this since first hearing about it on Monday. I think there may be more to this than just a kid being willing to take the fall for something not entirely his fault. It's called getting out in front of the story. Politicians do it all the time, we all saw Letterman do this last week. If you get out in front of the story you can make yourself in to a more sympathetic character and change the narrative.

How does this relate to Tate Forcier and Michigan football? I think by doing this, Tate changed the story and the narrative. Instead of Forde, say, writing a paragraph about how Michigan was previously overrated and is not that good, he instead is writing a paragraph about Tate's accountability. 90 minutes after the game, and he's getting out ahead of the story. Wise beyond his years...