FootballScoop: Nebraska Focused on Bielema

Submitted by alum96 on December 3rd, 2014 at 3:21 PM

Roussel, who most people give a pass in terms of being relatively legit, has Nebraska focusing all attention on 1 and only 1 candidate - Big Bert himself.  

If you can't beat Wiscy...join em.  Fascinating stuff if valid.  Would up the stakes in what is turning into a cool Big 10 West rivalry.  Makes sense from the AD relationship angle and ability to get to the Rose Bowl.

Bert has a $2.5M buyout that drops to $2M by Jan 1.

Since last night I have spoken with a number of connections and the feeling in the profession is that Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst seems to have a very short list – perhaps with only one name on it. Sources have told me he isn’t taking calls from coaches trying to get themselves involved. He doesn’t appear to be building a list. He sounds like he is locked in.

Update - Per sources, Nebraska is targeting Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema and is in serious talks with him. Eichorst and Bielema has an extensive relationship from their time at Wisconsin (Eichorst served as Wisconsin’s second-in-command from 2006-11) and from what we hear this got serious quick.  More to come…





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All this "Is it OT or is it not OT" debating -  does it really matter?  The vast majority of the time, it's obvious if the topic is about Michigan or not.

I mean, was anyone seriously going to read the headline "FootballScoop: Nebraska Focused on Bielema" and ponder if the topic was going to be about us?


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Bert has his team trending in the right direction.  He got a big fat raise for himself and his assistants.  I think it would be kind of scummy to leave for Lincoln so soon.

Then again, I'm talking about Bielema.

The Wolf

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Caveats aside - D1 head coaches do not think like this, he previously left the B1G once, etc., etc.

But, even Bert has to realize the chances of his team reaching the conference championship and other post-season opportunities is much more dififcult in that SEC West division.  Nebraska seems to be in a stable position with regards to incoming talent (relatively), and they are perennially known for solid OL and RB play (not necessarily in the same manner that Bielema prefers, it would appear).  

Add in a decent raise and assurances for facilities and/or assistants? Maybe.


rob f

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that even the most deranged, drunken,  brain-dead Wisconsin fan would buy or wear one of those shirts.  My guess is that the bulk of the unsold ones are now being worn in some impoverished third-world country where English is rarely spoken.


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If Bielma were to go to Nebraska, at least I could feel some disdain for the program. Bielma singlehandidly made me strongly dislike Wisconsin, even when they had Russel Wilson.  A Razorback and a pig farmer for  a coach is a relationship made in heaven.


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I really hope this isn't true.  The only place in the Big Ten that I would want Bielema coaching is at Michigan.  If Harbaugh doesn't bite, he's a great Plan B guy and an excellent fit for the current roster. 


December 3rd, 2014 at 6:39 PM ^

Let's wait until Nebraska has a HC before we say anyone is wrong or right.  I think Saban denied every job he went to 10-15x before accepting.   If negotiations fall through do you think Big Bert wants "I am going to Nebraska" out there as a quote?  Every coach denies everything until it "it is happening".  Not saying FO is correct, just saying let's wait until there is a coach there to determine..


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Tom Herman (Ohio St. OC) is the logical choice for the HC of Huskers. Or Scott Frost (Oregon OC).  A very strong third choice, though older, has to be Craig Bohl (Wyoming).

Bielema is a bad choice.  Bielema just went 3-9 and 6-6 at Arkansas.  Good Christ, if you're zeroing in on Bielema then you might as well bring back Frank Solich (Ohio HC).


December 3rd, 2014 at 6:40 PM ^

I actually was surprised Bohl was not a top 2 choice for them.  Apparently he was a DC there who left on bad teams so it would maybe be like Mattison being brought back to be HC but he was fired while Mattison left us.  So I guess there is not a straight equivalent.  But dude won FCS 3 year in a row and has a ton of Husker blood in him.  Surprised a bit there.


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I am feeling lazy and I haven't read through all the comments so my apologies if I am repeating what someone else has previously said or noted.

Why would Nebraska go after Bielema? His scheme does not in any way seem conducive to what Nebraska has been built for. It's like the inverse of Lloyd to RR (I guess that's like RR to Hoke's supposed Manball). Philosophically the two couldn't be much further apart. One is a fairly up tempo spread game with a slew of semi-mobile to mobile qbs. The other asks for 310+ lb lineman and a stable of big running backs to pound the rock.

Is Nebraska trying to assimilate the old B1G style? Is the spread phasing out? Obviously I'm just kidding around but if they are serious about Bielema I am not really sure why.

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