Football this year at Ohio State

Submitted by pwnwulf on April 7th, 2010 at 7:18 PM

I was thinking how important it is that RR beats OSU this year. For one it may be to save his job and two the rivalry has gotten out of hand recently as I'm sure your all aware of. I did some research and I didn't realize that we have not lead OSU since the first quarter of the 07 game with a lead of 3-0. This is just pathetic and unacceptable. It used to be a blood bath and a complete war, now it seems like were just to worried about what OSU is going to do rather than just roll over them. If we were to go into their house next year and beat them it would be great for team morale going into the following year as well shut all the RR haters up. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered the stat of the 07 game, plus the 3000 plus days it will be before we beat them again.



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I can't wait to go to the horseshoe and kick the crap out of the buckeyes in front of 72,000 truck drivers! It will be just like old times (pre-sweater/vest)....

Granted, I have no clue when this feat will occur. RR would tell you it will happen when we are better than them, but at this point I wouldn't mind winning because of luck, circumstance, hail, or a dragon attack on Pryor.

(all dragons kill people)


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I like RR statement we'll beat them when were better than them, but if the better team one every game then 95 OSU, 96 OSU and 69 OSU would have never happened and they are some of the best victories in our history.


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I don't know why I'm responding to this idiotic post, but we might have to deal with it for a while. OSU could be the #1 team in the country when we play them this year.


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Thanks for the 3000 day count - that's big news.

So, if we go 11-0 and lose to Ohio State RR will most certainly be fired. Great analysis.

Besides, we have a lot more astronauts and rocket scientists.

So f*** off

steve sharik

April 7th, 2010 at 11:28 PM ^ often OSU led in the games with us from '88 to '93. It wasn't much, and maybe they last led in the 4th quarter in '88 and didn't lead again until '94. And guess what? OSU football didn't implode. Times change. Right now, we're a little down. We will be back; it's just a matter of time. "Take it like a man."

the_big_house 500th

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The fact that it's in Columbus really sucks and I have no intention of going to it either. Last game I saw OSU play Michigan at the Shoe was back in 2006 and that game was not a fun one to leave when it was over. Plus it's not worth the harassment and other bull shit these assholes do here come game-day. So I will be watching it on TV and hoping for a miracle. If Michigan goes unbeaten until the OSU game then I might decide on buying tickets but I would still be hesitant in going. I hate it here so much.


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i think RR needs to go 15-0 this year at the very least and if he wants to save his job he will not only have to go 15-0 but he will also have to beet ohio state too. if he looses to ohio state but still goes 15-0 it will be unacceptable and he will be fired right through the roof.