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Michigan vs. Rutgers 2015 Military Appreciation Game
Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015 • Time TBA • Michigan Stadium • Ann Arbor, Mich.

When Michigan Football hosts Rutgers on Saturday, Nov. 7, we will be honoring and celebrating the men and women of our military who have bravely served or are serving our country.

As part of the day's celebration, some of the activities that will take place include: Military veterans will hold a large American field flag during the national anthem Veteran of the Game on-field recognition Halftime parachute jump by the Special Operations Command Para-Commandos Patriotic halftime show performed by the Michigan Marching Band.

You can support the troops by purchasing tickets to be donated to active duty and veterans of the armed services. You may support a veteran today through MGoTroops online or by contacting the ticket office at (734) 764-0247.



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I'll pay for mine though, as the GI Bill and Voc Rehab programs have been helpful to me and I'd rather the donated tickets go to a true Blue fan down on their luck that's made amazing sacrifices.


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I am a veteran and participated in this when Rich Rod was here. It was an amazing time. Being on the 50 yard line when the guys ran out and touched the banner was one of the best things I have ever done. Hope some deserving vets get to enjoy the experience.


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That's cool. I have great memories of being on the field when I was a kid in the 80s, both after games and just random days when they used to leave the gate open. But whenever I watched one of these star-spangled spectaculars in places like Afghanistan and Iraq or since, I felt like it was mostly empty flag waving. Same thing with the breast cancer awareness games. Have the ROTC color guard raise the flag, play the anthem, and play the damn game. Michigan football games don't need themes. That idea is so Dave Brandon. The theme should be Michigan football, the stadium, the spectacle of the massive crowd, the band, the tradition.

The Mad Hatter

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While I am fully supportive of our armed forces (my dad was in the army for 22 years and was shot down in Vietnam), I'm not particularly fond of all the jingoistic displays at sporting events. I'm not sure why we sing/play the national anthem before games either.

I think giving free tickets to veterans is great.  I think giving free tickets to nurses, EMT's, teachers, garbage men, and anyone else that makes this country and our world a better place would be great too.


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And by all means I appreciate the service and I appreciate the guesture of helping servicemembers! But...this type of "deal" has always bothered me. Not just here, not just veteran assistance. A football prgram that brings in millions of dollars every weekend is asking ticket holders to pay for the seats? Why not simply donate blocks of tickets EVERY weekend? Particularly when selling them was so difficult they had to offer free tickets with a coca cola purchase? Why not donate a portion of PSD fees? Why not match ticket purchases with a second set of tickets for another servicemember? This seems so hollow and like I said it's no different than having stars and entertainers pawning services asking people to donate to this cause or that...How about they pony up part of their $100 millino dollar movie revenue?... neg away, this isn't remotely about honoring troops, it's about shouldering kindness and thank you..from the emptiest of pockets at the request of the deepest cashbox.


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Is that the university does donate tickets to this cause. They just don't take credit for it publicly. They have spent countless hours and resources setting this program up with Veterans Affairs, Michigan National Guard, and other military support groups. Guess who foots the bill for those incredible flyovers and the parachute jump into the stadium by the Special Operations Command Para-Commandos? The program is designed for the rest of us to support their cause further by donating to the troops as well with tickets, a letter from each donor, and the goodwill is rewarded by the university in additional priority points. My hat is off to the Athletic Dept.


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Thanks for making my point better than I could myself. I've spent more than five years of my life in combat, but I'm a douche for pissing on your Michigan football 4th of July fireworks? Hope none of your friends die at the Rutgers game.