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Submitted by RakeFight on June 4th, 2013 at 10:26 AM

Where is Blue Tier seating at the Big House?

I am proud to be a new season ticket holder this year, and I got my application in the mail yesterday which states that seats are usually in the end zone or blue tier.  I can't find the Blue tier on any stadium maps.  

<edit> I changed the title because I didn't think my single question was really worthy of a post, and this has evolved into a thread with general questions about seating and season tickets...



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I believe blue tier is in the corners minus the student section, that's where my seats are. I'm in section 6 row 40. They are pretty good seats for those of us who aren't making 6 figures...yet.


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Essentially the Blue zones are from the sideline endzones just into the corner of the endzones, excluding the student section.


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Looking for some advice from those on the board re: purchasing tickets at the Big House.

I am taking my kids (ages 6 and 2) to their first game at the Big House for the opener this year.  I am hopeful that they will make it through 3 quarters, and that by the time we have to leave, the game is well out of hand (in a good way). 

My questions:

1.  My older son has some minor sensory issues and gets afraid of very loud noises.  He loves the band, for example, but if he were to sit right near them, he would not like it at all.  Same for the student section - he will cheer and scream, but if he is near the student section and it gets too insanely loud (we can only hope), he may not enjoy it.  What section(s) would you recommend for him if price is not a consideration.

2.  Best place to buy tickets?  When my wife and I used to go to the games, we would just buy scalped in front of the Union in the morning of game day.  But, since I now have 4, and less flexibility in terms of section, I want to get tickets in advance.  Are there any options that are better than stubhub, or is that the way to go?


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Since the advent of the new scoreboards and the micing of the band, no parts of the stadium are quiet.  Crowd noise in a big game can get pretty loud.  I was thinking that perhaps sitting higher up might be better, but that is only speculation.


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The SW corner is not crazy, but it is still pretty loud. My 4-year-old grandniece sat with us up there last year (Section 18) and she was kinda freaked by the noise at first. Fortunately we were up really high (we are in row 93 or something like that), so it was easy to take her up to the concourse for a minute (where it is not as loud) when she got a little overwhelmed. I think "really high" is a little quieter because you don't have as much noise behind you perhaps?

For the record she got over her worry about the noise and made it through about 3 quarters. She will come again to Akron.

To the OP, I think "blue" is where we are - Section 17 18 19 or something like that. It's next to the end zone in the corners.

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Seriously, I have had row 96 tix (last row) for over a decade and love them. Keep an eye on Stub Hub and you can probably find some. Nobody behind you. Space to put stuff like jackets, box of popped maize, etc. Stand up and get fresh air and check out the action on the golf course. Watch the flyovers approach. The list of +'s goes on and on. The view of the field is remarkably good too.

I have brought my kids through the years, one is not a fan of crowds, and they love these seats too. You often have opposing fans nearby, but they're usually pretty cool if you treat them nicely.

Go Blue!


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The more towards the older alumni, the better... we have seats in section 2, and it's proabablly about as quiet as it gets.  and it's away from student section and band and opposing areas.  

The real answer to your question, tho, is to sit in the Club.  You can get club seats for non conference non notre dame pretty cheap.  The bathroom is right there, no line during the game, food, tables couches, carpeting.  It's the way to go.


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Between the boxes and general seating. Outdoors, but under the overhang, mostly. Quieter, more space, and somewhere to retreat if the kids don't like it. If price is no object. And a two year old can handle it.

Otherwise te SW side. Away from the students, and band not pointing at you. Plus the speakers (which ARE really loud now) only play in the north end zone. It's still loud on the other side, but must be deafening over there.

But a game like Central the crowd will be pretty quiet other than touchdowns and big plays.


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Thank you for this information. I am in a similar situation, I am going to the Central game and taking my girls, ages 8 and 6, to their first ever Michigan football game and I also need 4 tickets. The club sounds perfect, but your comment about price not being an issue is a bit concerning. For me, since this is my girls and wife's first Michigan game, price is not really that big of a deal for me, since I want it to be a positive experience, but of course there is always a limit to price not being an issue.

For the club tickets, are these sold for individual games by the university or are they just available on StubHub type services? Also, what type of prices are we looking at a couple hundred or closing in on a grand? If anyone knows and can provide feedback, it will be greatly appreciated. If not, I will continue to try to find them online.

Want my girls to have a positive experience at the game.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Go Blue!


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I haven't bought them, but I'd guess availability and price are like any other game. They'll be for sale on stubhub and you play the game of early cheaper, closer to game maybe more expensive, and cheapest at the last minute. The price bump I'm talking about is they're more expensive seat/licenses. So more than a regular ticket, but I have a hard time believing a Central game will go for $250 each. They're just trying to recoup some money for a game they don't want to go to. Ohio State could be asking for $1000 a piece. But I don't know, I haven't bought them. But I'm sure someone will sell some. It's just a matter of finding the best deal.


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Well, I'll add my ticket question into this thread too then.

What do incoming students need to do to get tickets? I'm heading back to Michigan for grad school starting this fall after a few years in the working world and I'm getting nervous I missed some deadline since I haven't heard anything about it yet.

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since it seemed enough end zone seat opportunities opened up that I was offered up to 8 seats for "non-premium games."  I kind of wanted to open a new post to ask people to input the reasoning behind the seeming glut of tickets, but would guess first and foremost was the overall expense and essentially boiling it down to buying ticket(s) to 2-3 premium games for $5-600 each (or more) and getting 3-5 lousy throwaway games for free.  Tough to justify the whole enchilada, year after year.

Edit: I have ~120 points, not sure if the new grad/letter winner points have kicked in yet or not. Another mgopost concept was to try to get an idea of the profile of the mgoreader, their graduation date (if applicable), whether or not they are mgostadiumattendees, how many priority points they have, etc.


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I have a question with using StubHub.. I see that there are tickets for sale now, but I know ticket holders haven't recieved their tickets yet. So if I was to buy one how exactly does it work? It seems like pre-ordering tickets that some random person is putting up for sale even though they don't have them yet could run into some problems.

Please share any informationyou might have or prior knowledge.Thanks.


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I am very curious too about this. I have had the same questions/doubts about buying tickets from someone that does not actually have them yet. Would appreciate any feedback from anyone that has any positive or negative experiences with buying individual game tickets this early.


June 5th, 2013 at 12:13 AM ^

The seller lists an available date of the tickets when listing.  The seller, upon receipt of the tickets, prints out a Fed Ex delivery label and drops the tickets into the system. Now, if the tickets sold aren't exactly as listed or don't arrive at all, then I think StubHub buys replacement tickets and charges the sellers credit card. You should check out the "Buyer guarantee" on the StubHub website. I was only a seller so I don't know when StubHub charges the buyer's credit card. As with everything, there is always a chance of getting scammed, but in this case I don't think you lose any money, but you may not end up with tickets. I know that Stub Hub does not pay out until the tickets are confirmed as received and are the tickets that were listed.