Football speed - Is Braxton faster than Denard?

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If I was better at computers, or for that matter, if I did not still refer to things like this as "computers," I would post some side by side images of their runs or do something else awesome like that.  Since the best that I got is "computers" and nothing more, I am just going to ask the question without some failed link or anything else.  Has anybody else noticed that Braxton Miller appears to run like a 3.6 forty?  It may be that he is just better at putting himself in the position to show straight line speed or that his offense does so for him, but he seems to accelerate faster than Denard and when he tops out I am not sure there is anybody faster in the country.  I knew he was quick but I am watching the second half replay of Nebraska v. Ohio and I be like dang.  Denard may be a more consistent and reliable runner, but he may be the second fastest quarterback in the conference.



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You're confusing getting caught from behind with getting tackled from behind. Yes, Denard has been tackled numerous times by a player who started behind him, but it's never because the guy gained any straight-line ground on him, it's always because Denard comes to a stop to make a big cut or starts to run laterally downfield. For instance, in the game yesterday, there were a few times where he was 20-30 yards downfield and tried to make huge lateral moves and he pretty much came to a stop, then when he started to accelerate again he got tripped up from behind by a guy already running that direction.


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i think braxton miller is a little slower than denard, but is more elusive in the pocket and has better instincts on when to run when a play breaks down. he reminds me of vince young in that way


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Not crazy talk at all. Denard has put on some good weight since he showed up, but it's still weight. He's still crazy fast obviously, but I have also noticed him slow down just a touch these past two years. Not more than .05 on the 40, but it's something I have also noticed.


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Denard seems to pick spot on the sidelines and run OB rather than taking a shot if there's a safety with a good angle on him. That makes him look a little slower than earlier in his career when he'd run headlong into a hit, but no one's gonna catch him from behind.


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Denard is 4th in the country and first among AQ conference players averaging 135 ypg and is putting up 7.5 ypc (a full yard better than 2010).

I suppose it is possible for a guy to slow down and still be the most dynamic offensive player in the country, but I doubt it.



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he's a little more deceptive runner, which makes players to be a little hesitant when trying to get the angle on him, and thus look faster (which I disagree that he does).


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Prepare to be negged.  Considering half of this board was making arguments on behalf of Denard beating Usain Bolt in a short sprint, this could be trouble.....



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fear being "negged."  I have been around for a while.  And if you don't think Denard has lost a step or two in terms of pure speed since 2010 you have not been watching close enough.

And it is a slow day on the blog, a real slow day, I would not have posted this if there were more to talk about, but since there isn't, and people still seem to be blogging.......

And for the record, why no front page muppets? was the worst thread of the week.  I don't mind being second.


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I won the coveted "worst thread of the week award" as bestowed by ijohnb?

I'm honored.

But don't give up on your masterwork just yet.  Based on the respective up and down votes right now I'd say your treatise on B1G QB speed is slightly more disliked than my fervent plea for more muppet exposure.


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a faster forty than Justin Gatlin did, I don't see that as an example of an unreasonable argument.

That said, I doubt he's gotten slower in a way we could detect. It seems like he's not as fast but the biggest factor there is seeing him over four years. We're used to seeing his speed, and that has an effect on our perception. The other factor, IMO, is that we see him running at full speed less now than we did in September 2010, for a lot of reasons.


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Denard has definitely slowed. His acceleration is not as quick anymore and doesn't have the Vick-type moves that Braxton seems to have. He's more one-cut and go with the occasional cutback at the end of a long run.

That said, Denard is still probably faster in a dead sprint. Braxton looks faster because he is more elusive

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as someone previously mentioned, he reminds me a lot like Vince Young when he runs. He is more ellusive, and makes good decisions when to run.

WIth that being said, there is no player in the country that can catch Denard when he is running at full speed from behind.


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I'll just echo what others have said here, Denard has the best straight line speed of any quarterback in the NCAA today (and perhaps throughout history), but Braxton is more elusive and instinctual. They both make fantastic cuts, but Braxton's jukes and spin moves are some of the best I've ever seen, and his straight line speed isn't bad either. 


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Apparently you do, since you bothered to respond.  But seriously, thanks for bringing this up.  There's nothing I enjoy more than reading about how great Ohio State's quarterback is.  In fact, that's pretty much the only reason I come on here.