Football Recruiting - Who is left on the Board?

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on January 6th, 2012 at 3:07 PM

So we still have four scholarships left but I feel like the likelihood of filling those spots seems to be slipping. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I can only think of four realistic-ish prospects left on the board

1) Garnett

2) Yuri Wright

3) Armani Reeves (if he visits)

4) The tight end who goes to school with Kalis.

Is there anyone else out there that I'm forgetting. Pharoah, Payton committed elsewhere. Doesn't look like we're offering that RB. Maybe that Dodson kid who is committed to Wisconsin but that seems pretty quiet right now. Same seems to be true on Jordan Diamond. Can't imagine they'll take Monty Madaris now that we already have two receiver commits. Is there anything else out there of any real possibility? 



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And I've never seen this mentioned here before, but ever since we slowed our jets on accepting commits things haven't looked as hot.

We were getting two commits every couple weeks. Then we decided to wait with our remaining spots for the really big names. Four star guys cooled on us as we cooled on them, and finally they committed elsewhere. But our huge names haven't materialized.

Granted, we got Darboh. But we still have four empty spots and a 50% chance on two of those recruits listed, a less than 50 on one, and I don't have a clue about Gant as his situation develops. Perhaps we should've just filled the class record speed and not held out.


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Interesting post.  Who do you think we missed out on by slow-playing?  We moved Clark up to the 2012 class and brought on Drake Johnson.  I think the staff would have accepted a commit from many of the WRs and OL, they all just wanted to wait.  Not necessarily disagreeing with you, just trying to think it through.


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Biznowaty (probably misspelling) really was high on us? That was exactly the time we decided to slow play. He later trailed off. There were others, I wish I could remember all of them, but guys we were offering that were new to the table right around summer when the recruiting focus changed; alot of those guys had Michigan instantly as their front runners when we offered them. I remember there was a distinct difference in the way the coaches were handling recruiting that followed. I believe they even talked about it.

Everyone on the board said we could slow up and hand pick a few elite players. And four stars just under that status that had emerged with us as their leaders then all dispersed, accepting offers to other places in the weeks following. We'd hear on the board that we cooled on them, so they cooled on us. I'd rather have those guys, who got good reviews by our recruiting analysts here, than miss out on all. And we don't seem to be lined up for the later elite picks like we hoped.


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That's not unusual.  Prospects that wait to make a decision tend to be the more sought after ones, and therefore harder to get.  It's a balancing act.  You don't want to fill up too early because you'll miss out on 1) good national prospects and 2) seeing a kid's senior year.  But you also don't want to be too back loaded because you'll miss on a lot of the late deciders, leaving you short and/or scrambling.


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1. T-Rich in the UA Game makes you feel better about our CB situation .... or ..... 2. Countess' Sugar Bowl performance makes you worry about our CB situation. (???)


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Madaris would seem like a likely addition to this class now seeing that Stonum phucked up again. I would definitely love to have a great 4/5 * signing day commit, would make NSD a lot more exciting for us M fans.


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Assuming Stonum is gone, we're in trouble with WRs next season. Hemingway and Stonum were the only vertical threats. Roundtree is a possession guy with meh speed; the rest are either slots or totally unproven. Better hope one of the freshmen turns into Sammy Watkins. Otherwise it's gonna be bubble-screen hell.

Bo Knows

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It's becoming interesting because at this point I think the we'll add Reeves, Grant, and Garnett.  I think it's very likely Mike Cox is shown the door since he just hasn't done much.  Also, if I'm in Hoke's shoes don't renew Stonum for hsi 5th year.  Even though I'm not sure if this was the first of offenses (he should not have been driving, but in his defense he was driving to see his probation officer).  In the Ricky Powers article he mentioned that Moeller always gave him a clean slate and that wouldn't be a bad idea here, Stonum may jsut need a fresh start.


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Why are so many people throwing out the possiblity Stonum is gone?

Per Brian's post yesterday, sounded like he'd be back.  Has something changed in the last 24 hours that I've missed?


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The wolverine is saying theres a Tackle taking an official visit this month that doesn't want to reveal his name. my geuss Kyle Dodson