Football Coaches Contract Info Released (except for Hoke)

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LarryLage Larry Lage
Michigan, according to contract obtained today, will pay Greg Mattison $750K/year with chance to make $900K if the team wins Big Ten title.
Close to a million a year for Mattison if the team wins the conference. Also said that Hoke's contract is not yet finalized.
EDIT: From DetNews, Borges to make 350K, Hecklinski 225K and the other assistants 200K.



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$350K for Borges is a hair lower than I'd have guessed for a guy with a pretty long resumé that includes a Broyles Award.  Position coaches look to be doing very well.


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anyone know what Mattison made in the NFL? I like the loaded incentive part though, lots of motivation. I hope he shows Big Will how to finally utilize himself on D.




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Yeah I bet the reason Rich Rod couldn't win the big games was because the coaching staff wasn't properly motivated.  They tried to win based on love of michigan but obviously a real michigan man needs some financial in$entives to give a shit.

You gotta bring that "business" mastermind-ness to the game, and DB knows this.  I bet he didn't overlook how motivated Cam Newton looked last year. 

I mean really, who wants to win if you don't get anything $weet for it?  You really think I would still root for Michigan if I wasn't getting checks in the mail from DB for my effort on a weekly basis?

I just hope the $150k bonus for Mattison is enough to win the Big Ten championship.  I'd hate to come close and lose just because we weren't willing to pay the extra $50k or $75k more it would take to lock it up.


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Outside of Mattison, the difference isn't that great between what the previous assistants were making and the new staff.  Assuming Hoke gets $1.5M, the difference between the total staff salaries would probably be rather negligible.

For the record, the top 3 assistants on Rich's staff were:
C. Magee - $285k

G. Robinson - $273k

T. Gibson - 224.7k

The rest of the coaches were getting about ~$185k except for Braithwaite at $135k, but you can see these (and the rest of your favorite Athletic Department personnel) here:

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Because Mattison is making so much more than G-Rob was.  Section 1's been talking about it since Hoke was hired, how he was waiting to see how much money the DC was making, because he believed that RichRod should have been given a fair amount of money to bring in Casteel or someone else to run the defense.  I'm sure he'll be here soon enough, assuming he doesn't slit his wrists when he sees the story.


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1) Casteel doesn't deserve $900K, and turned RR down at least once before (if not twice)

2) Who says that RR wanted to fire GERG? Even if he did, a new DC (especially one making $900K) would want to hire his own staff, and who is to say that RR would be cool with new guy firing RR's friends? He hired GERG for a reason, and that reason was that GERG would keep RR's staff and wouldn't bitch about them like Shaffer did.


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There are reasonably connected people saying the exact opposite: that Brandon not only laid that ultimatum down, but that RR pretty much knew by the time of the Bust that he wasn't going to be able to land anyone high-profile, leading to his emotional response.

The record will probably never be made clear. 

Section 1

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That's really the point.  Not too many folks are going to worry about what I think.

There were, in all liklihood, at least three major efforts to lure Jeff Casteel to Ann Arbor.  Everybody knows perfectly well that Greg Robinson wasn't the first, second or perhaps even third choice for the job.

And this isn't a knock on Brandon, either, who I am convinced clearly recognized the problem and knew it had to be fixed, with or without a million-dollar DC.  It may be that the fault lies with Bill Martin, although I don't know enough to make that kind of an allegation yet.  It will be interesting from my persepective, because all along I have been one of the most determined defenders of Martin, for what he did with the Stadium and with Athletic Department finances.  But it really does appear that Michigan cheaped its way out of one of the best DC's in the nation and one of the most important hires it could have made, in Casteel.  With devastating effects on the program under Rodriguez.

Also funny is the fact that only way after the fact, are a handful of bloggers figuring this story out.  Way back when, when RR was hired, Drew Sharp said, wrongly, that Bill Martin's "legacy" would hinge on the success of Rodriguez.  It doesn't, of course.  We'll be looking at, and talking about, the Stadium renovation even when people can no longer remember what happened in 2008-10.  And naturally, Sharp recently repeated himself (it is all that he does, mostly) in saying that David Brandon's "legacy" now depends on the Hoke hire.  Yada yada yada. 

Meanwhile, the real story (like so many interesting and important stories that the Freep guys were too lazy or too stupid to do) was the long-running negotiation with Jeff Casteel.  As I say, I do hope John U. Bacon sheds some light on this.  I have a feeling he will.

Section 1

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Title is Third and Long: Three Years with Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Wolverines.

Publisher is Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

Publication date is "this fall..."

John is a lecturer at Michigan.  I once said he was in LS&A, then somebody corrected me and said he was in American Studies, which I thought was part of LS&A, but whatever.  His course on the History of Sportswriting (and others, perhaps) is one of the most popular sold-out classes at Michigan.  Several guys on this Board have taken it.  Me, I am too old.

John has a blog, and a local radio show on Saturdays.

John got close to Bo Schembechler before Bo died, and asked Bo if he could look through Bo's collected papers.  Which turned out to be an amazing treasure trove.  John became Bo's informal archivist, and it turned into the book, "Bo's Lasting Lessons."

He's a great speaker.  If your dinner group needs a U-M speaker, there is none better than John.

I am looking forward to the whole book.  I am looking forward to being surprised, and not just having all of my prejudices and presumptions confirmed.  I hope that Bacon demolishes the Free Press once and for all.  I hope he puts up a thoughtful defense of Rich Rodriguez.  I hope John finds some way to write something special about Michigan football.  I am confident those things will happen, because I believe in the truth.


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I'm interested in reading something written at a higher level than Tradition (which is a great book, but reads like a third-grader wrote it at times).  I'll check out Bo's Lasting Lessons and 3rd and Long for sure.

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My first thought, as well.

It does look like DB has paid the "market value" to which he kept referring. I like that Michigan is paying positional coaches well, also. I think continuity is going to be huge for this team and there are few programs that can and will pay their positional coaches that kind of money.

We'll see. I'll be watching Borges salary the most. I hope he can earn a raise in the next couple years because that will mean he's done a good job with Denard. I see Mattison having too much success and experience to not get us back to playing strong D.


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They've certainly paid top dollar in Mattison's case. Rittenberg just tweeted that Mattison is now the highest paid assistant in the Big Ten.

I'm a little surprised about Borges too. Not as high-profile but has a strong resume nonetheless.

And nice to see the position coaches getting some love as well.

Don Keypunch

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I'll be a position coach. I want to coach the kickers, can't be too hard to do. Line up, kick oblong ball through uprights, repeat as necessary. Coaching accomplished.


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I would rather have the job and make less than 2 million a year and invest in great assistants.  Making 2 million a year and keeping your job for 15 years is cooler than making 3 or 4 million and losing it after a couple.  In the long run of course.  Hoke is surrounding himself with good coaches and thats all that matters,