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I went to the new format football awards at Crisler and won't go through every award, but here are a few highlights:

MVP -- Chase 

Defensive Player of the Year -- Devin 

Offensive Player of the Year -- Shea

Offensive lineman of the year -- Runyan (first father/son combo to win the award)

Toughest player -- Bredeson

Ufer spirit award -- Wangler

Rookies of the year (offiense, defense, special teams) -- Ronnie Bell, Aidan Hutchinson, Will Hart

Top coaching staff member -- Brown

Top non-coaching staff member -- Herbert

I thought that it was odd that the team MVP wasn't player of the year on his side of the ball though I imagine that the voting was close.  The best acceptance speech was, not surprisingly, from Chase who said that he was upset after Indiana because his grandma has given him $5 since he was a kid for every game he finishes, and due to injury he lost out on his 5 bucks.  He then thanked Greg Mattison for teaching him so much adding that "it looks like he gave me most of his hair."





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I remember that guy from my time on The Rivals forums. He was certainly plugged in but didn’t realize he’d become so respected in other forums  

One thing I remember is that Dotman broke the news that Malik Hairston committee to us under Amaker.  He was wrong and it caused a minor mutany against him. I still liked Dotman regardless. 


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Don Brown should not even be a sniffing an award. Top staff member is by far Warinner. And its not even close. DB is overrated, and i know some of you will bicker about that but its the truth. Notre dame, osu this and last, and psu last year were an embarrassment. Count south carolina if you want too.


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Harbaugh dictates the general scheme but doesn't design the passing plays. This year we had Shea Patterson throwing to a group of elite receivers and the passing offense was very underwhelming. The passing game looks significantly worse than it did in the first two years of the program when we didn't have Pep. I'm not one of those people who is delusional about Jed being amazing, but the passing offense was better then without a functional running attack to set it up. 

Brian Griese

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I don’t want to go all internet conspiracy but the lack of an award for Karan says something about something. Giving the offensive MVP to Shea, no biggie. But giving the offensive skill position award to DPJ? I love DPJ, but I think something is going on here. 


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Did the Michigan coaches not know that the Big Ten Conference coaches AND members of the media who'd covered Big Ten football this season selected Karan Higdon First Team All-Conference, while Donovan Peoples-Jones was voted by the coaches only Third Team All-Conference and only Honorable Mention by the media? LINK


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Good for Shea but imho, Higdon deserves the Offensive POY. 

Bowl game will be a good indication for 2019 without Gary, Bush and Higdon. Time for the young RB to show what they’re made of. 



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I don't get why people are all on Higdon. The guy misses so many holes and he lacks lateral quickness. He also isn't a threat in the passing game (which I will admit may be a whole coaching probelm because we never even attempt to use our backs to create mismatches in the passing game, even needs the ball in space) so what is his use in the nfl? Is he really your first and second down starting running back? Hell no.