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Submitted by Route66 on September 4th, 2009 at 9:43 AM

I need some help. I have a friend who invited me to the game with a couple other guys and he's paying for my ticket! YAY! He said he will be picking me up in the morning and I didn't need to worry about anything. I am planning on bringing a cooler of beer, but what could I do tonight in prep for tomorrow with food? In the past we always made sandwiches(BORING), but I want to do something a little nicer for him and the crew since this is all on his dime. Any suggestions? Keep within small budget.

Thanks in advance for the input.

I hope this was diary worthy.



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No problem! My girlfriend makes them and they're awesome. I prefer the buffalo chicken dip to the mississippi sin myself, but both are good. If you love wings, it'll taste just like them.

Let me know how it goes!


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Backed beans are easy, get like 3 of the big cans of Bush's or whoever's beans and one of the large aluminum foil trays along with an onion a half pound of bacon and your favorite BBQ sauce from the grocery store.

In a large pot Brown half a pound of bacon, chop up an onion and throw it in on top after 2 mins or so. When the onions are soft throw in the beans. Taste it after a while and add some BBQ sauce if you want ( I recommend famous dave's chipotle (like a 1/4 -1/2 cup to taste)). Just let it all simmer for a while and stir every so often. Just before your ready to leave dump the beans in the aluminum tray and cover with tinfoil. You can also bake them in the foil tray if that is more convenient.

Every time I have made these, everyone has loved them. There easy, cheap and unsophisticated, perfect for a tailgate. :)


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My mother in law makes a form of these with hamburger and three styles of beans. Some vinigar, sugar, etc. Its like a meal in a pan. It might be a long 3 hour drive back though with beans.


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If you're not sure about cooking, and you happen to see a Schwan's man driving around anywhere, run him down and pick up a few things from his truck. Some of it (like buffalo chicken dip, breaded cheddar nuggets (if you've got a deep fryer, and what not), are excellent gameday stuff.

david from wyoming

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get a few pounds of jalapenos, slice them down the side, spoon out all of the seeds (or leave a few in, if you like that), fill hollowed peppers with cream cheese, wrap stuffed peppers with bacon, hold bacon with toothpick, then grill the entire package until bacon is done or you can't wait anymore due to the smell.


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Just get some of your favorite brats, and soak them in your favorite beer over night. Keep them in the cooler until the last possible minute so that the brat soaks up the flavor. You will love it. Also, if you have a grill with the side burner you can create a warm beer bath for the brats after you grill them.


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We are not tailgating ourselves so all of the grilling ideas will not work....but maybe for the future. I think I will be going with the first two ideas as dips! Thanks again and GO BLUE!