Fluff on Logan Tuley-Tillman over at 247

Submitted by dabadeeblue on February 22nd, 2012 at 12:34 AM

Hope it hasn't been posted yet but there's a great diary entry by LTT on his commitment process over at 247. Read it here.

Awesome kid, really happy for him and his mom.


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What Brady Hoke and his staff have done in just 13 months is truly incredible. They are cornering the market on big, tough, high-character young men. The perfect coach for Michigan, and I do not dismiss Rich Rod because he did bring us Denard Robinson, perhaps my favorite Wolverine ever.


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Holy crap, these kids have bought in BIG TIME.  What an amazing job by the coaches of selling Michigan, its tradition, academics, etc to these guys.  There are verbal commitments, and then there are statements like this.


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Thank you, that was a great read.  I really am happy for the kid and am excited for him to contribute.  The best thing I've seen from this class is the enthusiasm as recruits.  These kids are excited and want to help the program as juniors in high school.  These are the kind of guys I want attending Michigan. Great fr the image and future of the program.

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February 22nd, 2012 at 12:51 AM ^

Great to hear how much these kids are in love with the idea of playing for Michigan and Brady Hoke.  I know Urban is "the rockstar", but I've got a feeling in the end Brady Hoke is going to accomplish far more than anyone ever thought possible a year ago.  


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I get so excited hearing about how voracious Brady Hoke and co. are at getting big time recruits. I can, literally, imagine his silly ass yelling and screaming everytime we land another future All B1G Performer. Now Mrs. Hoke is yelling and screaming?????

Save your voice, coach. We'll need it when you're giving sparty a closed presentation on how to recruit outside of Kalamazoo! 

Brady can haz all the recruits he wants! It's what he does. 


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"Some of my friends I know committed already like Kyle (Bosch). I remember us talking on our visit to Alabama, and Kyle and I were talking about our offers and what school we liked the best and we both said Michigan."


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I am having trouble understanding (aside from the weather/location) why any top flight WR or RB would not come here.  Michigan is setting up to have an inpenetrable O-Line with one of the top pocket passing QBs in the country.  Given the amount of top teams that run the spread now, Michigan is in a great place for the NFL prospect types that never would have considered coming here had RR still been running his system.  It'll be very interesting in a few years to see how few NFL players we churn out between 2011-2014 compared with 2015-2018.


February 22nd, 2012 at 9:22 AM ^

What I love about entries like this is that it shows how Michigan will beat Ohio State for years to come. Take this and put it next to Adolphus Washington's post-commit interview. The people who come to Michigan aren't just here for themselves or to make it to the NFL. They're here for Michigan and for their teammates too.

There is a stronger "TEAM" mentality coming out of Ann Arbor than I have ever seen before (granted, I'm only 29). It's pretty incredible, though.


February 22nd, 2012 at 9:55 AM ^

"we're team 134" really makes me see what has the kids wanting to commit to Michigan. There's a lot of subtly different things in a statement like that to a recruit from a coach. Not only does it show how much actual tradition there is 134(!) years of football but it gives them a chance to make their own slice out of that big pie. It also puts in their minds something different that sets M apart from other schools without being negative.