Floyd Reinstated

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Here's to "all or nothing."




"It comes as little surprise after Kelly announced earlier this summer that his decision on Floyd would be an "all-or-nothing" proposition: Either the All-American receiver would play in all 12 games this season or he wouldn't take another snap for Notre Dame. ""



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Next time I will make sure I run over here to make a post that will be hidden 10 mins later

You're going to have to link me to what I posted about Stonum because the only thing I said was that it was disappointing, you know because I felt the same way a few weeks earlier.

Oh since you are going to go check my posts keep going back because the last 2 seasons I was here after both games congratulating UM fans on the wins.

And just a question I picture you with a massive throbbing red vein in your forehead right now, can you confirm if that is correct?


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I don't remember you being on here after the last two losses. In fact, I even called you out two years ago after the game and got nothing. I don't blame you of course. I would have stayed out of site too after those losses.

That was back when you had a lot of goodwill on this board, but that is quickly changing.

You're getting uppity and are fully buying in to the ND hype.

I hope that works out for you, but my recommendation is to just stay of this board for a couple weeks after the game, regardless of who wins. Its better for eveyone that way.


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for the record...I know alot of people on this board like what you contribute here. I also remember you coming back after those games and taking it like a champ.Remember 2 years ago when you wrote that long diary about why ND was going to win.. ahh good times.

But seriously, everything you just said is true.. you did not have any snarky comments about the Stonum thing either which was kind of surprising.


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Irish is OK, which doesn't surprise me.  Over here in Chicagoland, you meet/know a lot of Domers and they're almost all pretty gracious and good-natured about the rivalry.  Rare exceptions: those who insist God is on ND's side (to which I do my Roy Hobbs eye roll and walk out).  Very much a contrast to OSU fans who, even when literate, have the diplomacy and perspective of a 4 year-old.


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Some Funny Quotes: 

"Can you talk about the long list of things that Michael had to do to earn his reinstatement?" 

Kelly: "Well, I'm not going to get into the specifics, but I can tell you that there are a number of things that all players in this program are going to have to do to earn their trust and earn their way back on this football team."

In other words, he had to not get in trouble and that was it...

On what the team has learned from Michael's situation: 

"Well, I think it's consistency in our approach--that all players are held accountable for their actions regardless of what their status is on the football team." 

On whether or not he has implemented any changes in regards to discipline in light of this situation: 

"No.  Nothing new, but the same message and those same expectations that we had coming in to Notre Dame a year and a half ago are still the same.  They're not different, and we still espouse those same values within our program in terms of making good decisions.  I think what the most important thing is that we don't change the way we handle discipline within our program but that we're consistent in our approach across the board." 

Funny, given the fact that in the case of Michael Floyd, Res Life deferred to the coach for punishment for the first time in the history of Notre Dame.  Yeah, very consistent and not unchanging whatsoever.  


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Like Stephen Garcia at South Carolina, Floyd is reaping the benefits of being a vital, irreplacable cog in a team that would be in the top ten with him and quite a bit lower without him.  

Floyd isn't quite as important to ND as Garcia to SC, but ND could be looking at a title game berth with him.  We'll see if Floyd makes the most of yet another "second chance," of if "all" turns to "nothing" for him.  Since I like redemption stories, I am rooting for him to keep his nose clean.

blue note

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Disagree - I think Floyd is way more important to ND than Garcia is to SC. SC has been playing other QBs in addition to Garcia over the last couple years and Garcia is a good but not great college QB. Floyd might be the best receiver in ND history.

Floyd makes the whole ND offense go. He is far and away their number one weapon. He had something like 1,000 yards despite missing some time last year and all of their other receivers combined for around 1,000 yards total.

They have some decent options on offense besides Floyd, but it's an entirely different team with him on the field.


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I have nothing to add other than we have our own house to get in order (regarding a player facing similar circumstances).  What ND and Kelly do is their business.  The best possible scenario would be for Stonum to sit out the game and us beat the Irish/floyd on the field.

Go Blue!

Johnny Blood

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As soon as I saw Garcia back on the team at South Carolina, I expected Floyd back as well... even though they aren't related, I just sort of felt that Kelly would follow the same path and bring back his key player for fall practice.


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Floyd has started for ND each of the past two years and we won both games. Two years ago they also had Kyle Rudolph and Golden Tate and last year they still had Kyle Rudolph while we were without our best (and only experienced) CB.

I am happy Floyd will be suiting up again on Sep 10. At least this way, ND will stand half a chance. Without Floyd, they would have no offense at all.


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Like apples & oranges are similar but different; are 2 MIP = 2 driving alcohol offenses? Probably not in most reasonable peoples' value system. Moreover, certainly not equal in the legal system. Given this has been discussed before, I do not intend to rehash the issue but simply provide an objective perspective . Further, IMO, on some universities, the so-called University MIP Police may be over zealous and selective in enforcing the laws.

M - Flightsci

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His career, and probably NFL career are on the line.  Maybe he worked his ass off to get out of the doghouse.  I think I'm more lenient about his case than a lot of people on this board, seeing how quite a few athletes with Michigan ties have seen this sort of trouble lately.  Still, hard to see how he doesn't rate any suspension.


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SC is several levels above ND - Kelly is still a sleazy. This was the fifth time Garcia was suspended from the team. Everyone deserves a 6th chance right, especially in the SEC.


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ND is doing nothing wrong, they are just like almost every other big time football program.  The difference is that they will be hypocrites if they continue to claim that they're more stringent and on higher moral ground than the other schools.  


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Not going to lie to you guys. I think Michael has suffered enough and has done the time to fit the crime, but its ND and if we say we practice what we preach then we better do that. I think it is fair that he is reinstated before practice starts. However, I do think he should still be benched for the USF game.


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What exactly has Floyd suffered as a result of his actions?

Public scutiny?

6am stairs?

Give me break.

Consequences for actions such as his should be significant, especially when you are a repeat offender. 

Missing a quarter of the season seems much more reasonable to me, and I'm not just saying that because I hate ND.

When Stonum get in trouble again, I prepared myself for the fact that he would probably not play for Michigan again. Not sure if that will happen, but I think it would be justified given his actions.

Kelly is not doing humself any favors with this one, except maybe an extra tally in the win column. Unfortuantely his repuation continues to go downhill.


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ResLife should have kicked him out, if they wanted to be consistent with their own rulings. I'm fine with him playing this season, but there's no way he should be playing without any games missed. And it's wrong to say ND is on the level of any SEC school. The SEC is much worse, although they could be on their way there with Kelly.

I'm hoping Hoke makes a good decision with Stonum, so we can still keep the high ground.


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We're all playing to win.  Kelly is a proven ass. How he could keep coaching after that kid died due to his actions, shows us all we need to know.  Let's go smack them around on the field.  The reality is that is all that matters.

Darth Wolverine

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...I can see his being reinstated for practice, but I fully believe, but don't expect Kelly to do so, that he should be suspended for a game or two. We all know that he will be playing against Michigan though.


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Oh man so much anger in this thread, I can feel it pulsing out of my computer as I type.  I do enjoy those saying ND should have kicked him out, or suspended him so many games all so you wouldn't have to play against him this year, outside of week 2 you don't give a care about him.  You're the same posters who want to redshirt Stonum, not because he got in trouble, but as a convenient way to discipline him and make UM better the following season.

Everyone is posting as if this over that his punishment is done, being reinstated isn't the finish line, he has to continue to keep his nose clean and abide by the new rules handed down on him.  If he slips up he is still done and gone just as most ND fans expected when his DUI was a national news story.  

I hope this is the finish line, I hope plays every game this year and has a great season.  And I hope Stonum is right there on the field week 2 (and any other week) as well.  I want ND to crush UM on the field and I don't want there to be any excuse as to why it happened. I want ND to embarrass UM in their stadium under the lights, on national TV, but I am a ND fan I am supposed to want it that way.  Will it happen, probably not, but there is always next year.


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You might want to start with hoping that ND can simply WIN a game against us before you start dreaming of an embarrassment.

I'm sure you're fine with Stonum being on the field in week 2, but thats easy to say after the fact when Floyd has already been reinstated. 

I think most Michigan fans are pissed about Floyd being back because we're all pretty sure that Hoke is going to suspend Stonum for multiple games. That's the punishment that fits the crime and Kelly is letting Floyd off easy. 

And I doubt you would be all for our player getting off free if it was Denard, basically the equivalent to what Floyd is for ND.

Oh wait, last year Denard went beserk on you guys while Floyd disappeared completely.

And finally, since you brought up embarrassing losses, here's a few for you to remember:

2003: 38-0

2006: 47-21

2007: 38-0

Ya, and we've won 4 of the last 5 even with the worst three years in Michigan history. Now, that's embarrassing.


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No a win isn't enough to make up for the past 2 years, only absolute domination can come close.  Its not even close

Ok you must have missed the whole no excuse thing, so go back and read again

Well Hoke didn't say anything after the initial DUI arrest, and didn't say anything after the 2nd one, driving on a suspended license, and he didn't say anything during media day so when is this supposed to happen?  Not a lot of people holding their breath on this one.  Maybe he will suspend him, then you can feel good that you did the "right thing" a punishment to change his actions off the field, I mean just look at how it helped his decision making from that first DUI.  

Floyd is no where near what Denard is for UM, ND's entire offense doesn't hinge upon one WR.  He certainly caries more than his share though.

See thats why our entire offense doesn't depend on one WR it depends on the QB.  ND's 3 leading receivers in last years game had more yards and higher averages than UM's entire receiving corp and they were only actually  receiving for 1 drive above half a game.

Hey when was the last time either ND or UM won 3 games in a row in this series?


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I don't know if Hoke will suspend Stonum or not. But I think he will, for at least a couple games. If he doesn't I'll be disappointed. 

And I do beleive a suspension would be the "right" thing" as you put it. Just because a punishment doesn't work or the kid messes up again, doesn't mean we should just stop punishing people for their consequences.

That is a very silly comment IMO. Don't punish Floyd because he'll just do it again anyway huh?

I just have one question for you, do you think Kelly would have treated a backup the same way he treated Floyd? If the answer is no, then Kelly is a sleaze. Because that indicates to me that the intentions are selfish. Kelly just wants to win games and is not really concerned with the well-being of a kid who is a future trainwreck of off-field issues once he gets to the league. 

And to answer your question:

2009, 2010, 2011 in a couple months. 

I mean come on, you have to be a little nervous about this year's game right? You've lost 2 in a row to a team who hasn't lost anyone and you're playing that team in front of what will be the loudest crowd in Michigan stadium history. I know you domers like to act like you KNOW you're going to win. But deep down, you're terrified of losing to us again.


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I have a feeling Stonum will miss little play time.  If he was going to be punished severely, it seems like Hoke would have made that known.  This way, people forget a bit.