Flowers loses offers picks NC State

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Most of us know that Hakeem Flowers was not being recruited by the new Michigan staff and tonight he picked NC State.  What's strange is that it seems Michigan wasn't the only school that cooled on him. 

Rivals is showing that his only offer was from NC State.  Could have Michigan, UCLA, LSU and Oregon pulled their offers? 

Here is his rivals profile, maybe it's just a mistake:



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Maybe it's because of that picture of him on rivals page....It's been said before he got most of his offers his junior year and ppl couldn't figure out why he was ranked so low, I'm sure some kids get too much attention when they shouldnt


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somebody is going to say something like.  Did you really have to start a new thread for this?   Then they are going to provide a link.   But I'm not gonna be that guy


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If both Michigan and Oregon pulled their offers this weekend.  I think someone posted that he had Oregon posted all over of his Facebook page this morning.


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According to a conversation I had with someone yesterday, Michigan told him that they couldn't accept his 9th grade classes.  If the same problem held true for every school, it's not surprising that some of them would have rescinded their offers.

I'm not sure how NC State is going to get him admitted, unless their standards are a little looser.


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hey sorry i am new on this blog and was wondering how to open a new thread on MGoBoard? 

The main thing I am wondering is besides the guys we keep hearing about (McClure, Ravens, Willingham, Thomas, Clark ect.) does anyone have any news about some of the longshots or guys that arent making official visits in these last 3 weeks? 

Also, has anyone heard if the rumor that Hoke is back in contact with Kris Frost has any validity to them or not?


Now to the on topic. This new coaching staff didnt want Lucien at WR period...then as they began to watch more tape and talk to Flowers I believe they decided he wasn't exactly what they were looking for. This doesnt have to mean that his grades slipped, just that he wasn't what we were looking for for whatever reasons. As for LSU and Oregon in particular there was never any evidence that they had offered him a scholarship in the first place. 


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Ok thanks I had already read Tom's new diary but youre right he def seems like the best source on here except I was loving Hayes last night as well haha. I was actually looking for some news on anyone other than those guys. Wondering if anyone had some scoop on whether or not we could snag a big name 3* or 4* that we havent heard about yet.  Guys like Heyward, Zettel, insert anyone that we could atleast argue about our chances of getting rather than the ones that we know we are in the hunt for. Just seems like so many names lately have came out of no where so I'm looking for the next one.

And any idea how many points I would need?


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At least 90% of the time we're probably not in on him. I mean if it's a complete surprise, and someone knows about it, it's not really a surprise.
<br>I think Zettel's made it pretty clear he likes Penn State, not that they're sloppy seconds. Some of the guys on the front page are 4* guys though.
<br>As for the points, I forget, because it's changed a lot with the board meltdowns lately, but it might be 100...? If you're already over that it might be 500, but I believe that was just wishful thinking or during lockdowns.


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A little surprised if this is true, but who knows.  Sometimes places cool on a kid for reasons we don't ever really know.  But I wish him the best at NC State or wherever he plays.


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"On December 17th, I committed to Michigan and coach (Rich) Rodriguez," Flowers said. "When he got fired I still wanted to stay with Michigan and I kept with them through the process. It really came down to Michigan and NC State for me, but yesterday I de-committed from Michigan. I felt at home at NC State. I know a bunch of people there and it was the right fit for me. I'm 100% with them."


I also found some quotes attributed to Flowers that were posted at TomVH on Twitter.  I don't know where they came from, nor anything about the person who posted them, but anyways here they are:

"Yeah, I was a silent commitment to them but that changed about two days ago," said Flowers. ...

. . .

"I just found out a few things that I didn't like and I didn't feel comfortable with them anymore. So I told them I wasn't coming."


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That would make sense regarding his comments.  So it looks like Michigan was Peace-ing on Flowers no matter what, but the 9th grade classes were the final nail..?

EDIT: Do you know if this grade thing only became an issue after Hoke was hired?

Blue boy johnson

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I am sitting here wondering, got me thinkin' bout it. Is this another kid RR would have tried to get into M? I know it is worthless speculation, but I'm speculating none the less