Florida teammate turned in Jordan Scarlett to police

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However, a report on Wednesday night revealed that the latest two suspensions — those of star RB Jordan Scarlett and WR Rick Wells — may have been due to a tip from a fellow Gator.

According to Zach Aldridge of MyNews13.com, a source said Scarlett and Wells were turned in to police in the case regarding misuse of school funds.



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Looks like maybe he is referring to his brother? Can't be sure. Maybe he's taking an opportunity to get in a dig without looking 100% like he's actually doing it.


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Don't they know?
It's not a good idea to rat
Everyone is now suspicious because the

Tip came from a fellow gator.
Really it could be anyone on the team.
Anyone. Not necessarily a football player.
I think this could cause some trouble.
This could really mess up their morale
Or tear the locker room apart.
Right now, their coaches need to
Start rebuilding the trust.


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Ganja smokin' and credit card fraud cannot be compared to the unspeakably stupid and cruel things done by MSU players in 2016. Florida has problems because they recruit 'Last Chance U' kinds of kids who need a little guidance but clearly aren't getting it; MSU had problems because they lost control of their team in almost every imaginable way.