Flip Alert: DT Julius Welschof to UM

Submitted by skegemogpoint on December 20th, 2017 at 7:48 AM
Flipped from GaTech per Sam.


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Welschof came to the UM skills camp with a minivan full of other europeans.  There was a Swede who won one of the Harbaugh competitions and I was talking to his dad in the stands. A small group got together and traveled together for two weekends and tried to hit as many camps as they could ...Georgia, Bama one weekend, then hop in the van to OSU and UM the next. So my recruiting two cents...Julius was here for the "skills" camp (Big Man camp was the next weekend). Picture a large group dbs and safetys, another of running backs, receivers also breaking out into drills. Then there was one long snapper and one devensive lineman getting individual attention. Welschof, Gary, Winovich, Kemp along with Coach Mattison running thru d-lineman drills. It seemed unfair to the other campers since they went thru their drills maybe 2 or 3 times and this lone big guy going thru with Rashan and Chase over and over. My first and maybe last insider story.


December 20th, 2017 at 8:07 AM ^

I see the staff having their hand forced a bit with the early signing period. I think both he and Bell are kids they really like but might have tried to slow-play a bit under the old system. If they see him as a future DT rather than the listed SDE this makes more sense to me.

Come February they will have a few spots left for the must-takes which would include Anoma, Friday, Petite-Frere, the receiver from LA etc. of which at least a few will hopefully choose M.

Side note - I really do like this class overall - not “upset” over the lack of top 100 types - but am really surprised how few of them M was truly in the running for. Obviously this doesn’t seem like a trend based on 2019 early verbals, but it is a bit perplexing.


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Bama gets a 5 star to sit on the bench and wait. Michigan, with an NFL staff, gets an obscure DE from europe. I guess they know football better than anyone. He does have an a awesome highlight tape. Night of the stars is going to be exciting


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They are taking projects? Let's be honest there are a lot in this class more than half. Maybe if they won the BIG I could see it. They haven't built the death start to completion.

Brian Griese

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was not a project. He was, when he graduated from high school, the nation’s all time leader in touchdowns for a career with 204 and second all time in rushing yards (11,045). He was a three star because he lacked an elite 40 time and certainly didn’t have high top end speed factored in with playing not so elite high school talent. I would almost argue he was the polar opposite of a project; when I hear “project” I immediately think of a great athlete that has not played at an elite level, in which a collegiate coaching staff thinks they can “coach ‘em up”. That was not Hart at all.