Flashback: "Denard is being lied to" (Feb. 2009)

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BlueUPer (who doesn't yet have enough points - feel free to give him an upvote) found a great link to the Scout recruiting boards from Feb. 2009.  It seems those dastardly coaches at Michigan were lying to Denard, telling him he'd have a chance to play QB.  The nerve of them!





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comment in there...

"Becker is an all around better, smarter QB than Robinson. I agree with Sportsfan. I don't agree with all the hype he is receiving as a QB"

I'd love to hear that guys take now...


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Ryan Becker now plays for the Pennsylvania Quakers. He splits time at QB with Billy Ragone.

Thus far, he hasn't been very impressive. He didn't play at all in 2009. This year, he is 16 for 25 for 199 yards, with 0 TDs and 1 INT. He also has -16 yards rushing.


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Goes to show that even the "experts" get it wrong.... I wonder how many would be great football players never got a chance because of statements like that?


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....Denard as a quarterback. Okay, the first was just "Can't wait to see how wrong all u guys are!" But still.

To be fair, on this very board there were a lot of people who regarded him as a"turnover machine." He's also been way more accurate than I think anyone expected--I thought he'd end up being more of a Steve Smith-type passer (hovering around 50% completions, and often less).


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down the comments wondering when someone was going to mention this

on this very board there were a lot of people who regarded him as a"turnover machine."

Some of those comments on that thread could have easily mistaken for comments around these parts at certain moments last year. A year ago, if someone had predicted this kind of week to week performance for Drob for the 2010 seaon (or even half the production he's put up), people would have rolled their eyes. Spring game was the first time you could see some flashes. I know it was the first time I thought to myself, "Hey, we have something here." But not in my wildest did I think he'd make some of the throws he's made, have nearly a 1,000 rushing by midseason, and show the poise he's shown in some clutch moments.

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RR has said before they face plenty of negative recruiting.  It's success stories like Denard that prove RR is a man of his word.  Young players have truly had every opportunity to play.

ps-while y'all are dishing out upvotes...:)


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Great Great Find BlueUPer.  Nicely done sir.  I have a gut feeling that a thread like that resurfacing for that message board after a year or so could get interesting.   


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Denard is definitely one of those diamonds in the rough (as a QB... obviously people knew he was a great athlete) that the coaches picked up and developed into, well, whatever term you want to try to apply to him.

If he keeps this up through the B10 season it will be one of the best seasons for any player of all time. And he's still got two more years.

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"John Brantley is a very solid QB and he is Tebow's successor, not Denard.  Liars.  It makes me so angry."

May this quote live on.

.... Guess this was already mentioned above... worth repeating i guess.