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Zoltan has one of the most impressive wiki pages I have ever seen. There are a lot of scientific pages that don't have over 100 references.

Also, you did a damn good job of hiding the edits.


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The Zoltan page is very impressive.  My favorite line:

Mesko has since gone on to excel on the field as a three-time Ray Guy Award watchlist candidate and off the field as not just a four-time Academic All Conference selection, but also the Space Emperor (of space). 


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Great work.  One fact that shocked me a bit - at the combine, Mesko apparently did 16 reps on the Bench Press.  While that wouldn't be impressive for a DE or even some QBs, it seems impressive for a punter, even a space emperor. 

oriental andrew

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Nice page, but the one thing I don't like is that it pumps up Zoltan at Ross Ryan's expense. Ross Ryan is a Michigan Man just like any of the other football alumni and I find these statements, while factually correct, to be in poor taste.

Mesko redshirted as a freshman at Michigan in 2005, Mesko redshirted as a freshman at Michigan in 2005, while Ryan ranked last in the Big Ten for the 2005 season with a 38.3 yard average.[36]

Entering the 2006 season for Michigan, head coach Lloyd Carr could not decide between Mesko and Ryan.[37] In the team's opening game against Vanderbilt, Mesko punted three times and Ryan once.[38] The two shared the kicking duties for the first four games with Mesko recording 12 punts and Ryan recording 9.[39][40][41][42] In the fifth game of the season, against the Minnesota Golden Gophers for the Little Brown Jug, Mesko handled all of the punting duties.[43] Ryan punted only five more times the rest of the season.