Five 2013 football recruits already listed in U-M directory

Submitted by m1817 on December 22nd, 2012 at 11:27 AM

According to The Freep, 

Five Michigan 2013 football recruits slated for early enrollment are already listed in the U-M directory for the winter term, which begins Jan. 9. Defensive lineman Taco Charlton, offensive linemen Logan Tuley-Tillman and Kyle Bosch, and defensive backs Ross Douglas and Dymonte Thomas are all in the system.…



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Just because he put on weight and put up big stats doesn't mean he's not a project still. He hasn't played a whole lot of true DE (he's played a lot of pass rush OLB) and reportedly needs a lot of work against the run.

That's not a big deal though, because we'll have upperclassmen ahead of him for a couple years while he perfects all that stuff. Really, the way it's supposed to be.


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Can I trust that someone is constantly monitoring for Derrick Green being listed in the U of M directory?  Funny that Brian was just joking about this on WTKA this week.


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I wouldn't say that just yet. His dad was recently quoted saying that he "would not be surprised" if Leon ended up in Ann Arbor, and it seems to be a two horse race at this junction between Michigan and Vandy, with USC and FSU on the outside looking in. Apparently Mattison is putting on the full court press. McQuay is a playmaker, and the fact that Mattison coached Ed Reed (who is a playmaking safety like McQuay) definitely helps his cause.


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I think that more than 3 can be backdated if the previous class is smaller than 22. It's very complicated and I don't claim to understand it all, but Texas A&M has a class of 30-something coming in after a small class last year and I've heard that they will be backdating more than 3 scholarships. I think the reason that UM could only backdate 3 in the past was stictly due to numbers.


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same reason any other postition would? Get acclimated to university life, get in the weight room, learn the playbook, and try to work as hard as damn possible to help the team and themselves get better.


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These two recruits will have 6 extra months to prepare for college football while being in the college life. by the time spring practice rolls around these guys will have damn near a semester behind them and advanced training just from being around the team early.


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Maybe to get a head start on school, college level strength and conditioning, getting acclimated to college life. Also, maybe he thinks if he enrolls early he can get a spot on the 2 deep with how thin out oline depth is. Even if he redshirts maybe the extra 6 or so months help come next year.


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When these guys enroll early are they considered part of the 2012 class or the 2013 class?  I thought the total number per academic year allowed was 25.  Since there was 25 in the last class it seems they must be in this class, no?  How many can we take in total this year?


Both Georgia and Texas A&M has over 30, how does that work?  Are the additional signees this year the number under 25 they had in the previous year?  It doesn't seem to make much since to be able to do that since 25X4=100...not 85.  Sorry for my ignorance.


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As far as I know, provided the previous class for a given school was under the limit, you can back count early enrollees up to the scholarship limit of 25 for that year. It is not something you have to do, or necessarily can do if the limit was already reached. Since we were at 25 for 2012, they would need to be counted as part of 2013's class, I believe. 


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Thanks, so then since we have 24 verbals we only have one open spot with 25 guys signed from last year, or does that year also back date, etc.?  We must be missing something because I've heard we still want another OL and there's no way we turn away McQuary or Green just because Hunt or another OL commits.