Fitz/Hawthorne/Pass Interference and other questions

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on September 11th, 2011 at 9:15 AM
A couple questions to the Board if you don't mind as i overnighted Friday and tailgated since dawn. 1) I was at the game and my seats kept me from seeing that pass interference on ND's drive. People said the call was legit because of blown coverage. Who missed their assignment. Thought I saw coaches and players squabbling with Kovacs. 2) equally my seats prevented me from seeing how the ND receiver got so open on their last touchdown. Any thoughts on what happened on coverage there. 3) where was Fitz Toussant? 4) brandin Hawthorne, where have you been all my life. Great game kid. Amazing game. Never seen one like it and likely never will again. Side note. When I got back to my tailgate there was a car full of dame fans next to me. As we're both packing up our respective stuff I see this guy take off his ND shirt and put it on the ground, go into his truck, pull out a bottle of some form, pour the contents on the shirt, strike a match and lights the tanker on fire,then gets in his truck and drives away leaving the smoldering shirt. I do in fact feel for ND fan right now.


One Inch Woody…

September 11th, 2011 at 10:36 AM ^

There were about 8 calls and penalties that should not have happened by any means whatsoever. We got called on 3 pass intereference plays that should not have been pass interference and I think the TV mics would have muted it because the ENTIRE stadium was chanting bullshit. That, and the "defensive holding" call on Will Campbell as he was being chop-blocked. That, and the mystery holding call when we started on our goal line late in the 4th and completed a 20 yard pass to roundtree. That, and Floyd's 35 yard catch on a 3rd and 25 where he did not actually have possession until he put both feet out of bounds. That, and Denard's 2nd pick should've had pass interference called on it for the same as what Floyd was doing. Also, don't forget the numerous holds that the refs also neglected to call on our D-line.


September 12th, 2011 at 12:56 AM ^

See above for the defensive holding, which BWC was doing but which still seems like a strange call.

The holding call on the Roundtree pass was also legit--a rusher way out of the play tried a spin move, and it became super-obvious as he did it that our guy had him by the shirt as his shirt stretched.

Otherwise I either agree or don't have enough information, but yes, that was terrible, terrible officiating, and we should never let Big East refs in our stadium to call a UM-ND game again.


September 11th, 2011 at 11:46 AM ^

Even in real-time it was quite obvious thath he pulled down on Gallon's left shoulder, causing Jeremy to lose his balance and not be able to make a play on the ball.

Fucking pathetic officiating by obviously incompetent Big East refs, all nite long.