Fitzgerald Toussaint likely to be featured back in playoffs

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Great to hear that former RB Fitz Toussaint will more than likely be the feature back against the Bengals. Starter Leveon Bell tore his ACL midseason, and Backup DeAngelo Williams is still suffering from a high ankle sprain suffered in week 17. 




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Good for Fitz, man. Tough break for the other dudes, especially someone as easy to root for as DeAngelo WIlliams (Leveon Bell is a knucklehead and a Sparty, but I repeat myself, but you never wish injury on someone). Liked Fitz and obviously had potential to be a good back given his one year here, just never got the offensive line play to help him. 


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I root for our Rivals' best players to have a large amount of incredibly minor 1 game injuries the week before they play us.

"Buckeyes RB Ezekiel Elliot dropped coffee on his foot and is out 1 week"

"Spartans DE Malik McDowell got a paper cut and will miss the Michigan game"



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Thank you, sir! Precisely.


Death or career-ending/life-altering injury-wishing is bad form. But let's say I wish this: "I wish for JT Barrett to violently pull his groin once a day between now and the day he graduates." I think that is 100% OK...


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as Bell would have.  Most overrated back in the league.   WIlliams numbers were just as good as his were.  Backs are a commodity these days. Durability is more important than anything else. 


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So, play Big Ben on FanDuel? (ducks)


Fitz was not that impressive last week, hopefully after a week of practice he gets the feel for it and has a better day. I suspect the Steelers will throw a lot though.


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Unfortunately won't make the play-offs, and probably didn't see the field, but he was activated from the Jags' practice squad last Friday due to a starter's injury.  Kept him on the PSq all season, so they obviously have been happy with what they've seen.  Saw him in preseason and was pretty impressed, playing the full 4th Q at nose tackle, looking strong, svelte and happy.


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“He’s a talented and hard-working guy,” Tomlin said. “He displays that for us on a day to day basis. Not only when he was called up and active but when he was serving us in the scout team capacity when he was a practice squadder… He brings a no-nonsense approach, blue-collar approach that I’m sure Steelers nation will appreciate. I’m sure they’ll grow to like him in the manner we do.”

Nice praise indeed from Tomlin. 

I really did like Fitz when he was here and I still kind of wonder what sort of numbers he would have been able to achieve with some better offensive line play. I know he gets the "Poor Damn Fitz" treatment around here sometimes (in that "What if" or "if only" sort of way), but I'll be tuning in to see how Toussaint does for the Steelers. 


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Good for Fitz.  I alwasy liked him as a person and runner.  He had a nice burst and vision in 11 before he got that devastating injury.

His NFL stats are not very good.  I hope he saves as much money as he can, as well as get enough roster experience to qualify for that NFL pension.


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TGH, every Steeler fan says that about every single game you have ever played. This is the fanbase that thought Terry Bradshaw sucked. If you put it to a vote, Steelers fans would probably vote to fire Tomlin. So... no offense, but, just par for the norm for you, amiright?

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