First time going Michigan football game at big house

Submitted by 615Wolverine on October 3rd, 2017 at 2:26 PM
Hey guys I'm bringing the wife to our first ever Michigan football game at big house this weekend. Can you guys help me out. Where should we park (wife is expecting) ? Somewhere close without spending a fortune. What is the best place to eat, a couple hours before the game ? Should we buy tickets now online or buy them at the game ? Driving up from Nashville, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Go blue



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I would walk to save money on gas and parking. There are a few nice garbage bins to eat out of and if you are sneaky enough you can get into the game for free.


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with this word, but "loser" seems to be the most misspelled word in the universe these days.


Not trying to be the grammar police, but just noticed that all over the place lately.


Also, +1 for the sentiment.


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making his first visit to root on the Wolverines against the Spartans: Surprising.

Short of the "free" advice, parking can be obtained next to nothing depending on when you arrive by parking in neighborhoods near the stadium off Stadium Boulevard and Jackson Road. However, if you want the Michigan experience, I would recommend driving to a downtown parking garage, enjoying one of the many delightful restaurants in downtown Ann Arbor and then heading up Main Street toward the Stadium closer to game time with tickets purchased well beforehand.

There is alwasy a bustling market for last-second tickets in and around the stadium at discount prices, but this is not an option I would suggest for a first-time Big House visitor.

When attending the greatest game in Michigan history for me, in late November 1997, I followed the same advice I am giving now. And it worked out great. Saw the greatest crowd of Michigan faithful streaming into Michigan Stadium for a game I will never forget.


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If you check park n party’s website, there is a lot on Potter that is super close to the stadium (if it’s not already sold out). If you want to guarantee tickets, I’d buy them now.

Mike Damone

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have never been referred to as a Sparty spy.  That is going to leave a mark.

I guess everyone has their own sense of humor (clearly if negged on Pure Michigan Golfing).  My bad.

Have put myself on "double secret probation", and will work overtime and weekends to show my blood bleeds Maize n Blue.  Just do not banish me to the RCMB - such a punishment would be too painful for words...


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I'm well aware of what makes good humor. That particular spoof is not spoofing the Pure Michigan ads, it is spoofing Michigan football. Yeah, some of the spoofs are funny, but that one is not. It's a bunch of dumb stereotypes obviously made up by unfunny, butthurt Sparties. And I'm someone who can appreciate any humor directed towards me or at my expense as long as it's actually funny.

CRISPed in the DIAG

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Arrive late to the game and tell the usher that someone is sitting in your seat. Watch with glee as the usher proceeds to check the tix of everyone sitting within three rows of your alleged seat while you block the view of 30 people. Hilarious. 


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I believe that Slow's BBQ is running their food truck again this year near Ebel Field again.  They have the food truck going and a charity beer garden.  It may be a little busy, but I wouldn't think it would be any busier than any other place on that day.  I'd recommend that if you want to approximate the full experience.  Plus, Ebel is where the band warms up so you'll get to see that.  


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I just did a quick check on Park N Party and it looks like everything nearby is already sold out on there.  To be honest, I've only ever parked up that way for a spring game, never for a regular season game.  Last year, I actually walked from AAGO up there for an hour or two before a 3:30 kick.  I bet a lot of folks that go there park in the neighborhoods to the west though.  Sorry I couldn't be more helpful on that front.  


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We went to the AFA game a few weeks ago and we got an uber from our hotel, dropped off right in front of the stadium.  Had very little distance to walk and didn't have to worry about parking.  I'd get tickets online seems how you are making a weekend out of it. Have fun.


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I like parking at Revel and Roll off S. Industrial. $25 per game and you never get backed in. They also give you a voucher for $5 off food. Then it's super easy to leave AA as you drop down S. Industrial to Eisenhower/Packard, left on Platt and you're back at Washtenaw. Then hop on 23 and you're on your way back to Nashville.

The Maizer

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My caveat: I don't turn left on Carpenter (just go straight on Packard) because I don't need to get on the highway. So not sure what Carpenter actually ends up being like. I just usually avoid Washtenaw like the plague because my couple of experiences there were parking lot speeds (maybe unlucky). Hence the honest question about which is faster.