First Michigan game at The Big House

Submitted by Florida Blue on October 21st, 2009 at 10:52 AM

I just got married and my new wife got me Michigan vs Purdue tickets 2 rows up...not sure how much she spent. I have been a huge fan since I was a kid and was born in Michigan but I have never managed to get to a game somehow. I live in Tampa Florida now and was there for the thumping of Tebow but now I get to come to the Big House. Any suggestions on what to do for tailgating festivities? We are staying in the Fairfield Inn Marriott on Boardwalk.


His Dudeness

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Go to the corner of Hoover and Greene to see the players head into the Stadium on the buses. Then shortly after the band will march and turn on the same corner heading in.


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is generally ~2 hours before kickoff and is pretty fun. I would recommend that.

If you want to tailgate (and it may be difficult if you are flying in), I suggest the Golf Course. You can always go to Meijer and get a ~$20 charcoal grill, food, & beer, though.

Other than that, check out State Street & South U the night before and walk through the Diag, if you can.…


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He used to hang out on Hoover by the Canham Natatorium. But I haven't seen him for a while.

I also recommend Pizza Bob's, State Street at Hoover, and the golf course.


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massive binge drinking all up and down hill between forest and state, oakland is a god spot too. state street is a must though the man has been cracking down on the rowdyness down there


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If you've never been to Michigan Stadium before, please check the prohibited items listing. They've gotten relatively strict about what you can and can't bring into the stadium. They have revised the bag policy and now no bags are allowed into the stadium, including purses, etc.

For the Victors Walk you'll want to be at the stadium pretty early, 2 hours before kickoff at least, earlier if you can. The Walk takes place behind Crisler Arena and proceeds toward the east entrance of the stadium , where the entrance tunnel is. Gates open 2 hours before the kickoff. The band marches in about 45min before the kickoff, I think, same area.


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I thought this was going to be a historical post, since it's not "MY first game...".

I was going to say, where did you get a DeLorean and some Plutonium?


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Folks already told you about the Victor's Walk.

For tailgating either the Golf Course (just south of the Stadium) or the band practice area (northeast of the stadium about 1/2 mile) are your best bets.

After the game, Blimpy Burger was mentioned. I would try to park in the city structure to the north west of the Diag. One block in front of that lot towards the Diag is Ashleys and the Red Hawk, good places for a quiet beer or three (Ashleys) and a burger. Blimpy is one block south of the Union (stop in the Union for sure and look around for a 1/2 hour or so) and one block west (you actually turn from going west to north 200 feet to walk in) and it is good greasy goodness. They have a whole 'order this way' burger nazi thing, but it is mostly in good fun. Since you haven't been before, I would take it easy there. To get the real feel of the college part of the town after a game, then...

go to Dom's for a drink (cool indoor outdoor beer garden/wine garden snacky place, and women love their sangria), just south of the Law School (can't miss the LS across from the Union)...

then one block north and two east (on the way sight see in the law quad) to Charlies (shot central, all kinds of shots, women really love them), then....

on your way back walk through the Engineering Arch (right next to the bookstore) and down the diag. Stop and sightsee. At the end, go back around the block with Ashleys towards the lot. You will see a bar that is packed with people in line, Scorekeepers. You have to get in for a beer and to look around.

The arch thing is still called the eng arch, even though the tech people campus (North Campus) is actually 2 miles north on the other side of the river valley. I suggest driving through Sunday before you drive back.

As another side note, one of the most lovely sights about Michigan is the Hospital viewed from the south across the river valley at night. Look up the Ann Arbor VA Hospital on a map, this is where you want to start driving towards the M Hosp at night for full effect.


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Generally good advice, though I don't know why you'd spend half an hour in the Union, unless you've never seen a Wendy's or something.

IIRC doesn't Dominick's close by the end of October? Not sure it'd still be open during the Purdue game.

As he mentioned, he's married, so not sure that Scorekeeper's or Rick's would be his scene. Same probably goes for Necto, which although being more of a club then the others, attracts a young crowd.

I'd probably recommend Ashley's too, though I'd skip most of the other spots on State (like Red Hawk). If you want to watch other games, BW3s is always a fun spot.

I'd actually recommend for you to check out Main Street. Restaurants are a little more pricey but good, but the bars attract more of an older crowd (grad school and above). Connor O'Neil's and Ann Arbor Brewing Company are a couple options (though AABC is not on Main itself) to go out and grab a beer. I used to like Melange and Rush Street (which I heard was now closed), but these are more loungish crowd and not places you'd want to stop by wearing your hoodies.