First of Many

Submitted by Yo_Blue on November 14th, 2012 at 3:26 PM

With Senior Day fast approaching, let me be among the first to thank Denard for going Blue four years ago.  He has represented the University well - I'm proud of him and what he has accomplished.

I'm just SO glad THIS didn't happen.




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What a boring place this world (and this blog) would be if everyone was all sunshine and chocolate covered rainbows and there was not a single dissenting soul who wasn't always ready for a rousing rendetion of Kumbayah while holding hands?

Not everyone needs to be jerks all the time (I'll admit, I have plenty of perceived douchebag moments), but it's no fun without at least a little sprinkle of negativity in each thread.


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It is easy to see that he loves Michigan and that makes it that much easier for me to say that he will go down as one of my favorite players of all time. 


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but this isn't true. Denard's got a lot of haters amongst our fanbase. To watch so many Michigan fans turn on him at the slightest instance of a mistake these past 3 years has been eye-opening. I think many of us here are living in a bubble if we think he's any where near as loved as even Mike Martin or Brandon Graham.


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You are correct. Just read any Denard or Michigan article on the Detroit newspaper sites and you will see not just a dislike but utter contempt for Denard Robinson. I had a guy near me yell "I'm glad you're hurt and a senior!" when he was shown on the scoreboard and he was agreed with by the guy in front of him. I almost said something but whats the point with morons like that. They'll never get it and really, who cares what he thinks other than people of like mind. 

There is a pretty nasty group of Denard haters. In fact John U. Bacon wrote an article in September about how more Michigan fans should appreciate Denard and Terry Foster (yes, I know) wrote a similar one on November 6th. Why? Because there are too many people that are haters and want everything both ways. 

When he is gone I hope the school and the program will have another young man with the respect, class and drive the Denard Robinson has shown. Maybe I am a prisoner of the moment but I can't think of a better face (or hair) the Michigan football program in a long time than Denard Robinson.



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is such a stoopid catch-all word, for anyone who doesn't exactly subscribe to the group-think  'round these parts. I get your point that there are true "haters" - I've read and heard some unbelievably idiotic remarks - those not of your average, or even below average poster here.  And some sickeningly racist stuff, too.  They're not Michigan fans.

It IS completely possible to appreciate Denard's talent, personality, dedication to the university and team, statistics, speed, amazing cutback skills and so on while still wanting a different starting quarterback (and having that reinforced and amplified in the last 2 weeks).

Bama and ND were enough for me, and a host of others, who thought those bad decisions should have been worked through last year. The Bama game sucked, but at the time thought he was more subdued by scheme more than his own failings. ND told the tale, though.  

I DO want to see him come back and break Pat White's record, as an ultimate affirmation of his ability and reward for all the excitement he's provided.

But at the same time, I'm more excited about DG running the show next year, with a highly touted understudy. 


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you and your group of imaginary friends?

Even if Denard does have haters, everyone does - I would guess even Tebow did while he was at UF (and he certainly does now in NYC). You and your posse may not like some of what Denard does on the field, but he is surely one of the most athletic and charismatic players to ever wear the winged helmet, and will certainly go down as one of the most revered.


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Gee, thanks dude. Are you replying to me, by the way? If you are, you need to go take your reading comprehension skills and shoot them in a back-alley somewhere because there is absolutey no way you could have derived from my post that I don't appreciate Denard. I love Denard and seeing as I witnessed his epic first play in freshman year, he is my favorite player of all time.

And even if I didn't there's no reason to be an asshat without any provocation, some people on this blog need to chill the fuck out.


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I completely understand the rational fans who love Denard but are also very much looking forward to the future. It doesn't necessarily mean they're sick of him as a QB, but that we're recruiting players for a "typical" Michigan system and these fans are more excited for the "typical" Michigan QB, even if it means losing Denard.  

I must say I am looking forward to the future, but I wish there was a way Denard could be involved in it so he would have a chance to live out the legacy he deserves, with at least one Big Ten title and national title aspirations with him at the helm.

What I don't understand is how so many idiotic fans routinely say "Denard has got to go!" and things of the sort. The guy single-handedly has won us at least five games (2010 UMass, 2010 ND, 2010 Indiana, 2011 ND, arguably 2011 OSU) and was the lone bright spot during what was an otherwise terrible three years.  He makes plenty of mistakes, but he's also masked a lot of team-wide deficiencies throughout his career. Without him we don't get win 900 until 2013.

Michael Scarn

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I've never been pleased by fellow students showing up late, but I tend to avoid seeing it by not looking at the rows behind me.  But, if Denard doesn't play and there's a good amount of empty seats when he's announced for Senior Day, I will be pretty pissed.  Pissed, that is, after I get all of the dust out of my eye.