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Submitted by Yo_Blue on November 14th, 2012 at 3:26 PM

With Senior Day fast approaching, let me be among the first to thank Denard for going Blue four years ago.  He has represented the University well - I'm proud of him and what he has accomplished.

I'm just SO glad THIS didn't happen.




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Denard Robinson definitely feels like he will have a Charles Woodson effect in the future. He will he constantly be talked about, but much like Woodson you won't see many if any players compared to him. Woodson was in a class of his own and so is Denard. Also like Woodson I can see Denard constantly giving back to the program the community and the school.


November 14th, 2012 at 3:56 PM ^

I agree and, then again, I do not.  I was lucky enough to be in school with Woodson and he was definitely loved.  But I don't think he was/is appreciated on the level that Denard is and will be appreciated, at least not as universally anyway.  Woodson was appreciated as an amazing football player (Heisman trophy, national championship, etc.) but the appreciation for Denard seems to be exponentially greater because he stayed through the coaching change and ended up on top, smiling all the way.  Maybe its just me, but that's how it feels.



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That's an interesting comparison.  I was in undergrad when Woodson was there too.  In my mind, Woodson was actually appreciated more than Denard in terms of what he and the team were able to accomplish.  But Denard seems to be appreciated more in terms of just general appreciation of his personality.  Different types of people I guess.


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Tough call.  I was in school then too.  Loved Woodson and what he did for our team.  Hard to separate his accomplishments from the 1997 football team overall.... can't really.  It is saying something that the teams Denard has been on have not accomplished as much, but Denard is still loved as much or more.


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I can't believe it has been four years already. I am very excited about the direction Brady and his staff are taking this program but Denard is going to make me wish we could hold onto a little bit of the past every Saturday.


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I'm sure my neighbors will remember these last few years "DON'T GET HURT!!! GET OUT OF BOUNDS!!!" And other obscenities during any close game.

How could my carpet forget the beer spilt on it during last years notre same game

I haven't tied my shoes on Saturdays since 2009

How will I forget


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...I believe many of us will miss  that smile,  for it is disarming and could end wars.

That being said, the college career of one of the most electrifying and exciting players in college football history really is coming to a close and that does make me a little sad. He has been awesome to watch right from that fumbled snap and touchdown against Western Michigan, and his absence as a player and a leader on the team will most certainly be felt. It may be a long, long time before there is another Denard Robinson at Michigan, if indeed it ever happens, but there will be none quite like the one who will graduate in mere months now. 


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Denard is an amazing young man. I am going to be a mess on Saturday. He may not be your traditional Michigan quarterback but that's what makes him all the more amazing in my book. 10,000 yards is an amazing feat. I will never forget Denard or his character, leadership, or smile ever. I can't believe four years have passed.

Denard you will forever be missed. A true Michigan Man.

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Denard is awesome.

His gushing, fawning, blathering fans?... I could do without.

I've never seen so many grown men act like teenage girls at a Justin Beiber(?) concert as when Denard gets brought up.

Get off my lawn.


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This is the kind of post that that guy up there ^^^ is not going to like, but Denard is the kind of player that makes me wish I was 10 years old again.  Football and awesome football players are just that much awesomer when you're 10.  I had Desmond Howard to watch at that age, so I got that going for me and can't complain, but if there's a better role model in college football for kids than Denard Robinson, than Jesus himself is playing D-III ball somewhere.

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I appreciate the sentiment . . . but we need to thank all the seniors.  A lot of them have great personal stories that people don't even know about, because they're not in the media spotlight.  



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This entire thread started when I found a picture of Denard wearing a Florida Gator hat to National Signing Day.  Let me repeat:


His joke on everyone was the purpose for the whole thread until david from wyoming got all hyper-snarky and caused everyone to start bashing him (not that it's wrong or undeserved).



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My favortie player of all time. Thank you for staying with Michigan and honoring your commitment to the university and the team! Wish more young adults acted like Denard, Class act. 

Thank You, for everything.