First home game for an out of towner

Submitted by Zach Morris on October 12th, 2015 at 12:27 PM

Born and raised in Texas and have been HUGE Michigan fan since 1992ish. I will be making my first trip to the Big House this weekend and was wondering if there is anything I need to know before visiting. I would like to tailgate but dont know anyone. Good bars in the area? I'm also planning on getting up at 4 or so and going to the gameday set. Any thoughts would help me! Thanks and GO BLUE!



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You will have a blast. Everyone will be welcoming and friendly. Heck, most people would be welcoming and friendly if you were wearing MSU gear...


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Check out the Step Show in front of Revelli Hall. It's the Michigan drumline and it's a great way to start the game. The band will then march down Hoover ST. and into the stadium. You can walk alongside them. Last week, for the 3:30 game, the show was at 1:50 PM. You can check the band's Facebook page for the schedule. 


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HopCat opens at around 9:00 AM on gamedays. Awesome food, atmosphere, and beer selection. Then walk down State street through campus to see the students losing their minds. Make sure you stop into the Towsley Museum at Schembechler Hall, it's a really nice little tribute to Michigan Football. 


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I really enjoy El Rojo which is brewed by Griffin Claw, located in Birmingham.  I tried Widow Maker for the first time when I was up in the UP a month ago. I was pleasantly surprised. The taste didn't really match the appearance to be honest.

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Welcome. Get there early. There are a ton of good bars downtown, which is maybe a half mile.

However, we have something personal here. There is enough room on this blog for 1 90's heartthrob, and that's me... You smoking from the same peace pipe kemosabe?

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Yep, I'm an out of Towner too and I usually either tailgate at golf course or bar hop prior to games. It depends on who I come with. If it's buddies, I get to golf course early and tailgate. We have almost always found friendlies around to hang with. Went with my wife last time and bar hopped all day and made our way with a crowd to the game on foot. Can't go wrong either way. I prefer tailgating, but since it was just the wife and I last trip I knew she would rather hit the bars.

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You can swing by my tailgate, the Jager Yearbook. We will be doing a pong tournament, a fowling tournament, will have multiple grills food, a keg or two this week, and my Jager machine pouring shots. We will be just inside the state street entrance to the golf course under the Jager and Michigan flags.


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Hello, I am a huge fan of Mgoblog, I've checked it at least once a day for at least the last couple of years.  My post history wouldn't suggest the same thing because I usually struggle finding responses or finding answers to the questions I need.  I come here again seeking advice and I figured this is the best topic to ask my question.  

I also will be heading to Ann Arbor this weekend, from Atlanta.  I was able to find a very cheap plane ticket and have friends that have a place in AA. I don't have a ticket to the game and I was wondering if anyone on the board had any suggestions on good places to watch the game in Ann Arbor. I understand that obviously the best place to watch the game would be in the stadium so anyone that has experience or advice on scalping tickets would be appreciated.  

I should also mention I have been to Ann Arbor multiple times and I'm somewhat familiar with the surroundings. And although I'm always open to a suggestion for a good bar, I was more concerned with experience scapling tickets. 


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Please make a sign that says "Thank you Jed York" for the ESPN set.

Golf course is a great place to tailgate...highly recommend getting there at least 6 hours before kickoff to get a good spot.

Stadium opens 2 hours before kickoff and does not sell alcoholic beverages.

We old guys who are balding tend to wear hats as the sun can be pretty strong in much of the stadium.


Have fun and're in for a treat!


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Thank you for this thread. I have never been to Ann Arbor and had no idea how huge this game would be when I purchased my tickets. I am staying outside of Ann Arbor but am also planning on waking up very early to get the full experience. Can't wait to meet some more great Michigan fans! I have to make the trip alone but just like the Maryland trip everyone was awesome. We have a great fan base. My only concern is finding parking. Go Blue!!!