Fingerle Lumber

Submitted by MidMichWolverine1 on August 11th, 2010 at 8:28 PM

  I have a question for the masses.......we have tickets for the U-Mass game and have planned on parking at Fingerle Lumber so we could have porta pottys and dumpsters and are OK to grill, plus the band warms up across the street.....anyone else ever park there and what was your experience?


  I get to so few games but cherish each and every one.....I want the experience of tailgaiting to be almost as good as the actual game experience....if it's a bad location, any suggestions?

  Thanks and +1 for any and all comments



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I do the same thing. I just park at Fingerle and haul my grill, cooler, and rest of the tailgate to Elbel field. We are friends with a few band alumni. It is a great environment. 


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Wanted to ask this but didn't want to start its own thread.  Can the public (meaning me)park for the game in the Maynard st parking structure?  I have a friend that lives in that direction but wasn't sure if a pass is needed.  I don't want to park on south campus and then walk all the way up there to have to turn around and walk back for the game...but I can.  Also, do the big lots/tailgating areas(Golf Course, Pioneer) open early (10ish) for 3:30 kickoffs?  Thanks guys.


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No, Maynard is public. All public garages around campus are accessible on game days, and cost about $5 to park for the length of time you'll be there. It's a longer walk, but worth the savings, I think, if you're not planning to tailgate. Some do fill up though (particularly the one at Main and William, which is closest to the stadium) and they can take forever to get out of after the game.

University garages are closed during the day unless you have a Blue Lot pass.


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ok, my bad I was thinking of the Thompson garage. Some of the University garages are open. The B school (Hill St Parking struc) and Palmer Common garages are open on Saturdays. I work in the chemistry building and when I got to my lab on Saturdays I use either of these lots. 


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Yes, the lots open early. The Pioneer lot actually has RV's parking on the night before, but technically, they are supposed to leave and then re-enter at 7am (regardless of game starting time). There are plenty of good parking spaces to be had. Bring and extra $20 and you can park close to the stadium and have a great party. If you are a student and will be going back to student parties, then park on South campus (I am not sure about Maynard structure) and walk back for the post game victory parties. Pick any street off of Hill and you can usually find a space for free.


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Actually, they don't allow grills. The reason I remember is they give you a slip of paper that says "No smoking or grille's please" which is always funny to me.

So yeah, park your car at "Fingerme" and we'll se you at Elbel!


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I thought this was a post about self abuse. I thought perhaps a new term had been coined about "fingering the lumber" or something. Sorry. Wild Turkey.


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I was an owner of the large maize and blue bus that parks there for the games so I used to spend most of my tailgating time there.  It is a great location, but you cannot grill there for some reason. 

However, there is a rumor that they will sell the place to the school.  Stay tuned...