Finebaum explains recruiting ethics to John U. Bacon on OTL

Submitted by Victor Hale II on February 15th, 2017 at 8:33 PM
I normally won't watch or listen to anything featuring PF, but JUB was on. Good thing for him, as he surely learned a lot about ethics and how shady Jim Harbaugh really is, once Finebaum broke it down for him.



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I love Bacon, but he did a really bad job defending Jim


Just straight up say he's more than qualified to be a coordinator, and his son is simply a bonus. What idiot head coach would hire somebody to be a unqualified coordinator just for their kid, who is 2.5 years away from seeing the field at the minimum and turn out to be a bust anyway?


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I think Bacon clearly made that point at the beginning, he just didn't repeat it over and over again like Finebaum did at nauseam. 

The video is such a gem when, after Bacon lays down of all the unethical money funneling activities the NCAA continually ignores, the video cuts to the host, who's like"..uh, well, we're talking about ethics..."

Never ever! discuss the unseemly details of ESPN's sugahmomma, JUB.


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Finebaum comes right out and says "It's not illegal"  Yet he's decided that it's a problem anyway.

Meanwhile, his SEC is committing act after act that is blatantly illegal.  He says nothing.

If he's wondering why us "Michigan zealots" won't take him seriously, there's your answer.



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Ethics: the kid hasn't even committed, he is 2 years out. MJ coached with harbaugh in the past. The best counter would have been, the SEC shutting down the satellite many kids benefited by attending those camps? Ethics: yes, PF, here is a man that loves the game so much, he is willing to go to 30 some camps to teach kids/coaches...that's character


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Bacon was getting hammered by the "host," who had obviously taken Finebaum's side.  He was given about a minute to talk out of about five minutes of segment.  Fuck Finebaum and fuck ESPN.


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I really dont understand the backlash. Is being a Head coach the ceiling for all HS coaches? Jim is hiring the best talent from high schools. Its them moving up and gaining huge experience and furthering their career. finding talent in kids and coaches. nothing wrong with that. 


I think NCAA should investigate how many blow jobs ESPN (Finebaum) is giving out to the SEC

Sac Fly

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In college basketball, it's common for AAU programs to only let schools who hire their coaches have contact with their players. That's been going on for years right out in the open and nobody cared.


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I don't think they could have tried harder to make that be one side vs the other and debate when you have JUB and noted Michigan hater PF going against each other.


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Fact: Mike Johnson forgets more in a day than what Finebam will ever learn in a lifetime about football (i.e. what a player goes through daily, etc.). Years ago Finebam was a small regional entertainer for local radio with a local paycheck and maintained independent, mostly benign, opinions. Today, he receives marching orders to sensationalize and be provocative.... providing insight to football is now absent and long gone from his "reporting". He's turned into a diatribe.


February 16th, 2017 at 12:03 AM ^

The key difference between philosophies can be summed up with Paul's little comment after mentioning the trip to Rome, "I don't see what that has to do with football". The answer is nothing. It has nothing to do with football and everything to do with getting an education. You know, what college was originally intended to provide.

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Soooo . . . What PF is saying is that any high school coach who has a really good recruit (basketball, football, hockey, etc.) is precluded from taking a college coaching  job in a sport in which his son or daughter is involved.  PF would significantly limit the employment opportunities of a father (or mother)  just because they have athletic children.   Hummm.  Where's the ethics in that.  He's only mad because it's Harbaugh.


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As a reminder, Paul Finebaum IS on the "persona non grata" list nowadays per Seth, but I suppose since he was talking to John U. Bacon, we could possibly leave it. All the same, sadly he now knows what it is like to have a penis with an accent pretend to know something about ethics.