Finebaum on the Big Ten

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This is one of the more ridiculous articles I've seen on the Big Ten expansion.  The SEC love fest here is embarrasing.…


"o while Delany fiddles up there in his cushy office in Chicago, the Big Ten burns. Down in Birmingham, Slive is smiling. Delany makes a move and Slive will make a move that's even better.

In a way, it's really sad. The once proud Big Ten has been emasculated by the SEC. And its only hope of deliverance is to pick up Notre Dame on the discount rack at Walmart. Or, if that fails again, cobble Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Nebraska and Missouri and try to sneak out in the express lane.

It doesn't appear the SEC really wants to expand. But Slive knows one thing for sure. Anything Jim Delany can do, he knows the SEC can do better. That's been proven off the field in recent years. It's also been demonstrated on the field.

The Big Ten had its day in the sun. And it was glorious. But it's over. And the boys up there might as well get used to playing second fiddle to the SEC."



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Is that why the SEC has a network all it's own?

To read that article you have to picture it as if it were the drunken rant of a guy with a thick, beer-slurred drawl a wifebeater on sitting outside his trailer: "Them boihs up thay-ur maht as way-ul git yuwsed ta playin' saykunt fiddle to tha ey-es eee cee!  Row-ul Tahd!"

Foote Fetish

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What the hell is this guy talking about?  You'd think college football was a soap opera about league commissioners and not, like, a game you play with an oddly shaped ball.

Man.  I want my five minutes back.


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This article reminds me of a guy that no matter how much money he makes, or how good looking he think he is he is still upset that you are smarter than him and is nothing he can do about it.


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He has a radio show in Alabama this is picked up on one of the XM Sports channels.  Listen to it for 5 minutes and you'll know all you need to know about him...

Average age of the callers is 64 and conversations range in topics from "how things used to be" to "I don't understand the kids these days"...

Much like people who live in NYC don't think there is life outside NYC (I may or may not agree), the people of Alabama have the same philosophy.

Kinda Blue

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Rather than start yet another expansion thread, I thought I would link to the latest rumors circulated by Tom Deinhart of Rivals circulated by Twitter...not likely to happen but getting ND, Texas, and Nebraska would be shooting the moon.


  1. If Texas and ND joined the Big Ten, the thought is they would request to play each other every year. about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    • If ND joins the Big Ten, there is talk the league wouldn't take any other Big East schools. about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
      • And it sounds like the Big East may be pushing ND to discussions with the Big Ten. Play football in the Big East--or get out. about 4 hours ago via web
        • Big Ten, Texas, ND are discussing a special rule to accommodate both schools. Instead of playing 8 league games, both would play 7. about 4 hours ago via web
          • Latest Big Ten expansion buzz has the league focusing on Notre Dame, Texas, Nebraska.