Finally, a new uniform I like: Navy

Submitted by StephenRKass on August 28th, 2014 at 1:09 PM

So, in general, I like tradition, and don't care much for lots of change in uniforms. I don't like chrome helmets, I don't like the camouflage, I don't like lots of what Oregon has done. I didn't like the busy bee Michigan uniforms.

However, I just saw something I did like:  the new Navy uniform. (I suppose I can be excused for having just a wee bit of interest since my daughter is in the Navy.)

Under Armour has come out with what they call the "summer whites." These uniforms are modeled after the actual dress uniform worn by students at the Naval Academy. They are basic white, with black shoulder boards, a helmet that mirrors their covers (hats,) a gold belt buckle, white shoes and white gloves. One really cool touch is that each uniform has the "rank" of that player, with only the anchor for freshmen, one stripe for sophomores, two for juniors, three parallel stripes for seniors, and three stripes with a star for the team captains.

The uniform isn't garish, has a clear link to the Navy, and yet is fresh and different. If Michigan is insistent in doing something new, I hope that Adidas can do better in coming up with a clean modern look for Michigan that isn't kitschy, busy, or bizarre.

Navy's new Under Armour Summer Whites football uniform.

And what would be best of all would be for Navy to knock off Ohio State while breaking in these uniforms this Saturday.



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These look great . . . because they are unique and indigenous to Navy.  

These show some actual thought.  Not just something created by the Nike/Addidas/UA random uniform generator and thrown out there for the lemmings to buy up.


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GoWings2008, USAFA '91


j/k...but seriously, those are pretty damn cool.  Touches on the tradition of the Navy, similar how AFA had helmets that looked like the USAF Thunderbirds flight helmet.


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You would know better than I would, but I'm assuming they see their teammates' ranks throughout the rest of the day.  Why would a few hours during the game matter?

I think it's (a little) similar to helmet stickers.  I think it's something that the academies can do that other schools can't.  I think it sets them apart, in a good way.  

Thank you for your service.  


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and like everything else, its just my opinion.  When we were practicing or competing, the "military side" of the Academy was not the main focus.  Call it team chemistry, but it was more for protection of the freshmen on our team...who were vulnerable to more 'crap' then most cadets were.


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Rank as a cadet/midshipman typically means very little even among the non-athlete student body.  If you know how to read it, it can tell you pretty easily who's a senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman(more commonly called a range of names at Air Force, at Navy they're plebes) and that is the benefit I think you'd see.  Personally, I think it's cool.


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Based on the title of the post, I though the players were literally going to be wearing their military uniforms...but yeah, these are pretty sweet.


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instead of a football, I feel like he should be holding a briefcase. They're just a little too business-like for my tastes. I half expect the player to remove his helmet and yell, "You can't handle the truth!" No wait, that was Nicholson's line. "I want the truth!" That's better.


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You have to try and be respectful while still being clear about what is being imitated.

They pulled both off in my opinion.  

Not only that, but it looks good, too.

Also, beat ohio.



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While sometimes I feel that perhaps the hits are underrepresented and we spend a lot of time talking about the misses - oh, the glaring misses - in the world of uniforms, I have to say that this is one of the hits, in my opinion. Very simple, clean and sharp, and as someone said, it would be fun if Navy could find a way to triple option OSU to death somehow. 

UofM Marine

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I still think they need the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, but I obviously have some bias. I do love the details, like the belt buckles though. Go Navy! Beat OSU!


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Navy has a slightly different deal with Under Armour than most schools have with their apparel companies, due to the "make us look stupid and we'll blockade the Chesapeake" clause.


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So, there's a small side benefit I have as a Navy Dad:  any Navy stuff I wear doesn't clash with Michigan gear. I typically have on a Michigan block M baseball cap, and it goes perfectly with a couple of "Navy Dad" shirts:

Navy Dad T-Shirt - Navy

Seriously, it doesn't really matter that it matches, and I'm very proud of my daughter, who is finishing her training at C School to be an Aegis Computer Network Technician, and will find out soon where her home port will be the next four years. Short of being at Michigan, I couldn't be happier with her choice. (EDIT:  I could never afford out of State tuition for her to Michigan, but once she's finished, she should have enough to go to school in Ann Arbor if she so chooses.)


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Thanks for the comment, GoWings2008, and that's exactly what she did. I don't know what the precise benefit will be, but the GI Bill should cover more than $150,000 in tuition, room, board, etc. for college. Because of her rate and her current schooling, (related to being a network analysis and electrical engineering,) some of her training will actually translate into college credit. And it is her intent to take university classes while in the Navy, to get a jump on that prior to finishing up with the Navy.


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...if she decides to go Navy ROTC if her detachment at Michigan (or whatever school she chooses) would assist in making sure she gets all the credit from her service that she is due.  I don't know if the Navy has the same program, but the Air Force had a program called "boot strap" where young, promising enlisted members could go to college before their official enlistment is up and promise to return to the service to complete their commitment.  Plenty of options open to her future.


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The GI Bill has been completely revamped.  GoWings2008 posted about the $600 kicker, which in return gave the servicemember an additional few thousand bucks in tuition assistance, and was a great deal.  I enlisted into the Marine Corps back in 2004 and signed up for the kicker as well.  This was all under the Montgomery GI Bill... 

Now it's called the Post-9/11 GI Bill which is a MUCH better deal.  This GI Bill gives active-duty servicemembers 36 months of in-state undergraduate tuition assistance.  For example, if your daughter is a Michigan resident and leaves the service, she can attend a Michigan public school for 36 months with her tuition being covered.  If she is an out-of-state resident, she'll have to pay the difference.  If the school she attends is a private school, then the Post-9/11 GI Bill will pay up to $20,235 per year. 

My recommendation to your daughter is to work on her associates degree while she's in the Navy so she can get out, if thats what she chooses to do, and go to school her junior and senior year and not pay a dime.  She'll then have a year's worth of her GI Bill leftover to go to grad school. 

Thats not even the best part of the Post-9/11 GI Bill though.  It also gives you E-5 (with dependent) Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) while you're attending school for those 36 months.  The payout is tied to the zipcode for the school your daughter will attend.  I believe BAH for UM is around $1300 per month whereas the BAH for a school in San Diego is $2000 per month.  You can use the following calculator to compute BAH for an E-5 with Dependent for any school as long as you look up the zip code:

The Post-9/11 GI Bill also gives you a $1,000 stipend for books every year. 

Any servicemember qualifies for the Post-9/11 GI Bill as long as they served 36 months on active-duty after the September 11th terrorist attacks.  The GI Bill can be transferred to a spouse IF the servicemember serves no less than 6 years on active duty and can be transferred to a child IF the servicemember serves no less than 10 years on active duty.  Keep in mind that the GI Bill MUST be used within 10 years of leaving active duty service so it has a shelf life. 

There's other perks to the Post-9/11 GI Bill too like the Yellow Ribbon Program.  Many academic institutions choose to participate in this program.  They understand that the Post-9/11 GI Bill wont cover all of their tuition expenses so they pay for HALF the difference and the VA matches and pays the other HALF so the servicemember isnt left with paying the difference in tuition.  This works for out-of-state residents and for students attending graduate school.  For example, this is how the Yellow Ribbon Program would look for a law student at Notre Dame Law School:

Post 9/11 GI Bill (Indiana , 100%) = $20,235.02
NDLS Yellow Ribbon Contribution = $15,150.00
VA Yellow Ribbon Contribution = $15,150.00
Total award for Eligible Veteran = $50,535.02+

I wish your daughter the best.  I believe I went to the same schooling that she's graduating from, if its in Pensacola, Florida...  I spent about six months down there after recruit training.  Semper Fidelis.