The final touch to the Big House

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So, I would like to start off by saying that the stadium renovations look magnificent.  Having seen them for the first time for the UConn game, they truly bring a majestic and powerful addition to an already impressive structure.  However, with the likely addition of HD scoreboards and the soon-to-be addition of permanent lighting, I asked myself, "Crisler arena has banners, Yost has banners, where would the listings of our National Championship years go? What about Big Ten title years? Heisman winners? Etc." 


This made me think that it could be a nice addition to the plain, solid navy boxes to have maize text across the top or bottom of the structure listing our title years, or even an iconic saying such as "Welcome to the Big House" or something similar to having "Michigan" above the old press box.  I think it could spruce up the boxes and be the final touch for the best stadium in the country.  I'm sure our football team would enjoy, and be proud of, having the program's accomplishments on display just as our basketball and hockey players do.  Thoughts?


EDIT: Ok, to make myself more clear, I'm not talking about bringing back the halo, I don't want banners, or any large, gaudy signs.  I'm saying that perhaps we can honor our past players and teams that brought greatness to Michigan Football in a way that many stadiums do around the country.  I understand that the words "change" and "Michigan Stadium" do not sit well with a lot of people, but I figured that if Dave Brandon is pushing Michigan Stadium into the 21st century, that something like this could be accommodated, and probably more now than if we waited for 10 years.  After all, once we got rid of the old press box, does it even say "Michigan" anywhere inside the stadium, aside from the OLD scoreboards?


DOUBLE EDIT:  So after hearing about the other "memorials" to past teams in other concourses, I had to use the Google machine for pictures.  I like what they did there, and I didn't get a chance to see it as the tunnel to my seats were directly in front of the gate I entered.  I think that is classy and done well.  Therefore, I now rescind my opinion on the matter, though I still thought it was A LOT of blue on those things.



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The Big House doesn't need fancy signs and gaudy, tawdry embellishment.  It's an iconic structure whose beauty and awe is derived from its simplicity.  It's minimalist approach is what makes it so special.  You remember the halo?  We don't need to bring that back.

We have commemorative plaques and displays throughout the stadium.  Banners or signs are tacky (for football), and would do nothing but make us look insecure.


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I'm not saying tacky.  I don't think anyone would want that.  What I'm saying is, currently, our National Championship years are listed on the bottom of the scoreboards that rotate in and out of "Go Blue" (if I recall).  I'm suggesting that they find a more permanent home painted in a classy way on the solid blue structures.  Essentially move them from the scoreboards that will be replaced, to the boxes.  I think everyone would agree that it would be preferable to have nothing than something tacky.  But who's to say just moving them from the scoreboard to the boxes couldn't be done in a classy way?

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We could stick them onto the glass of the boxes.

How about some maize-and-blue Elivis impersonators, with little Wolverines dancing in cages?  Wait, I know; air fresheners.  But instead of little pine tree things, we'll have actual pine trees!



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i too thought the blue siding looked a little bland.  big ten championship years, national championship years and "Michigan Stadium" would be nice.  a listing of hall of famers or a "ring of honor" wouldn't be cool with me since michigan is all about the team, the team, the team.  and definitely no mottos or even the fight song -- remember the halo?


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We already have a "Ring of Champions" (or something like that) in one of the four plazas outside the bowl.  The championship years are engraved on the four pillars.  And now we have the little displays in the concourses.  That's enough. 


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I think this is an AWEOSME idea.  I think it would be a goo idea to put like a maize little around the stadium top too.  Maybe to look a little more unizue.  We should also have a couple night games.  I've always wondered why UM being the bestest ever doesn't have night games.  Wheat do you all think about this idea?


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I know what your thinking and I think it could be pulled off.  however, I think its been attempted two different ways with no success for different reasons and I like whats done now


1. Halo....nuff said.  The outside of the stadium has always been the most intriguing of any I've seen.  It even bothered some the boxes made it look bigger from the outside....and...maybe it did lose a bit of that feeling, but, the change is welcome and looks great.


2. Current scoreboards....They were awsome, but, look cheap now don't they? How about that roadside billboard scroll at the bottom of it.  Things get dated faster then you think and the scoreboards are now the eyesore...still nice....just not as nice as the rest.  Simple holds longer


So what works? you DO have to honor.  Well, the deals they have up in the concorse are very nice....AND....that is the one area of the stadium that is blah.  Its just enough

The problem with adding anymore to the stadium is your attention now is always being pushed down to the field. The way it should be. Don't but butterflies in the outfield for the special kids.

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several ACC school football stadiums, a couple ot the PAC 10 and a couple of the SEC.

And I have to say, whenver I see the walls plastered with retired jersey numbers, the "ring of honor," the years that they won the league title back before the World War, I think, "cheesy."  I think that they really must've had an angry old alumnus who was determined that his donation was going to go to a memorial of ol' Elroy, or some such character.  And it always ends up looking like the decorations in a 14 year-old boy's bedroom. 

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to the old exterior wall underneath the West Concourse, and on the East-side tunnel wall.  Good places for both.  Nothing was trashed, and yet those letters would have had no business going up on the new construction.  Those letters weren't original to the Stadium, and they weren't even original to the second press box!


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The entire stadium should be encased in a gigantic maize & blue funnel that will extend 9,000 feet into the sky, topped by a rotating Block M that will be visible from Toronto on a clear day.  This wil (a) hold in the noise better, thus contributing to our home-field advantage, and (b) "let muthafuckas know."


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Nice ad image, but I think the level of suckitude that the Halo achieved was far greater than that poor misbegotten automobile reached. I really like how those geniuses ran part of "The Victors" behind the scoreboard.

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Now, I think that Death Valley is one of the great scenes in college football.  They have a nice stadium.  Its a fantastic game-day experience.  The Hill, Howard's Rock, etc., etc.

But somebody insisted on doing this:

Now, all I need to know is whether you can get those letters at Home Depot, or do you have to go to Lowe's?  And are they the self-adhesive kind, or do you have to buy extra epoxy?

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They usually fold down, and the back covers a seat cushion.  Keeps the seat dry, if you show up on a rainy day.  But more than anything, I think they get used a public displays of donor status, that sort of thing. You pay for them, you see...

I've actually sat in one of those things at Camp Randall; it was perfectly nice.

Yes, you will see them at Ohio Stadium, at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, if I recall, and in Happy Valley and at the "other" Memorial Stadium now in the Big Ten, in Lincoln.  They are all over.  It would not surprise me if half the stadiums in the country had them.


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the fear of putting up the stadium equivalent of a lower back butterfly tattoo.

but  the blue does kind of look like it's waiting for something to go on it. 

the right words in maize could be iconic. even if those words are just "michigan stadium" or "hail to the victors."