Final Scout Basketball Rankings

Submitted by umuncfan11 on April 26th, 2011 at 12:08 PM

The final Scout basketball rankings came out today.  Trey Burke went from unranked to #94 and he will be a four-star.  Carlton Brundidge checked in at #98.  And Max Biefeldt didn't crack the top 100...he is a 3 star.  Glad to see future Michigan hoopers getting some love!



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Yeah someone asked one of the scouts on about that and he said that is just a technical error right now and he isn't sure how long it takes to update the stars on the players.  But he said Trey Burke is definitely a four-star.


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Someone please explain to me how OSU loses 4 scholarship players to graduation and are accepting 5 incoming scholarship players with apparently no one leaving the team early for the NBA draft? If my math is correct, that will be 14 players on the team with a scholarship.

the Bray

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It's possible they played this past season with 12 scholarship players, not 13.  Or that one of their 13 this year was a former walk-on who was given a one year scholarship because they had one available for one season only.


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Their "1" is a 5 star. 

What is your formula for comparing their 5 star to our two borderline* 4 stars?

I don't think you presented a very strong argument as to why our 3 > than their 4; your "That is all" conclusion doesn't really seem appropriate and makes us look like "Little Brother."

*borderline as in per Scout's ranking.


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that there was an inference that us having two of the top 100 is more impressive than MSU having one.

But feel free to to tell me how we weren't supposed to read more into what he wrote than what was in black and white, as if it somehow makes his post better if the underlying point was nothing more than 2 is greater than 1.




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It seems a little odd.  If say, players 1-30 get five stars and 31-105 get four stars, are we supposed to believe that there is an abrupt dropoff at #106?  Is the gap between player #31 and #105 actually smaller than the gap between #105 and #106, since the former two have the same star rating?   


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Well, football has 22 positions (not counting STs) to basketball's five.  

I guess it seems odd to me that everyone in the top 100 gets four stars when at the next level, in the NBA Draft, only 60 can be picked (it's really more like 50 U.S. guys, since a lot of international guys get picked).  If you're the 100th best U.S. prospect in a draft class, you have basically zero chance of ever making a team.  But the recruiting rankings make it sound like there's not much difference between the #40 college prospect and the #90 guy.

IMO it seems like there should only be about 50 guys that get four stars or more.