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Brian Snow (one of the Scout national guys) says Robinson's relatively low ranking is based on his opinion, and that Evan Daniels, the other national guy, likes him more.  


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GR3 definitely should be ranked higher than McGary with the season he has had. There could be some debate about Staukas ranking though I believe that his shooting touch and his underated handling ability would warrant a higher ranking. I have no problem about where McGary is positioned as his season has been a bit of a disappointment but that could be due to the guard oriented offense that his team ran.


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McGary played against a higher level of competition than GR3 did.  I think both players have excellent upsides and will be great additions to the team next year, BUT GR3 was the lone high level player on his team and McGary had like 7 D1 players on his.  It is unfair to really compare the two.  Regardless of rankings, they are both going to tear it up next year.

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Gordon is still in the eighth grade, but he has picked up his first college basketball scholarship offer. Gordon, the youngest brother of former North Central High School and Indiana University star Eric Gordon, was offered the scholarship by Indiana coach Tom Crean on Sunday night. Gordon, who is 6-1, played in the IndyBall.com Shootout over the weekend, playing up an age group with the 15-and-under Eric Gordon Central Stars.

Before you poke fun -

Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Xavier and Wisconsin also have started to recruit Gordon.

Edit: Didn't feel like starting a thread about this, but figured basketball folks would be reading this thread.


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Robinson could be a touch higher IMO, he is a great athlete.

McGary is still a little too high based on the season he had and how he looked in the all star games.  Good player and will add size and toughness to our lineup and am glad to get him, but he's no blue chip recruit.  I don't care how good his High School team was, he wasn't starting for them by year's end.  If he can't start for them, how is he going to start for us right away?  Certainly our starting 5 is better than their high school team's.  Might need his size in the lineup though, so who knows.

I think people need to be patient with McGary, there is nothing wrong with being a top 50 players (that's what I think he is).  That's a better level than we're used to getting around here, we'd be absolutely thrilled to get a big man rated that high most years, but because he was drastically overrated now he has all these crazy expectations of being a savior.  Just let him come in and develop, he could be a great player if he is given that time.  I will be happy next year if he goes for 7 and 6 a game.  I don't want to hear people freaking out because those are great numbers for a freshman big man.

Robinson has a much higher ceiling and has looked great, I'm more excited for him by a mile than I am McGary.  He could be a special player and has more upside than even Gary Harris from State IMO, although Harris is probably a little more polished right now.

Stauskus is a good shooter and is the perfect fit for the offense Beilien runs IMO. 

All 3 need to hit th ground running, but they are a lot more talented than the guys they are replacing in Douglas, Novak, and Smotrycz.