Final Satellite Camp Location Revealed: Old Dominion

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Didn't see this posted elsewhere, but Michigan has filled out it's Satellite Camp schedule:

Michigan’s 10-day satellite camp window is filled. Coach Jim Harbaugh and members of his coaching staff will be at Old Dominion in Norfolk, Virgina for a satellite camp on June 4th, according to Ed Miller to The Virginian-Pilot.

Harbaugh continues to show grace involving former coaches as well, involving them in Michigan camps:

The Wolverines will be joined by Maryland’s coaching staff, which features former Michigan assistant D.J. Durkin. He is now the head coach of the Terrapins.

Since I am sure there will be posts aplenty asking where Harbaugh will be next, the article lists all Satellite locations:

Harbaugh and his coaches will participate in satellite camps at Mercer on June 2nd, John Carroll on June 2nd, Sam Houston State on June 3rd, Incarnate Word on June 4th, Valdosta State on June 4th, Old Dominion on June 4th, Florida Atlantic on June 5th, Tennessee State on June 9th, Sacred Heart on June 10th, and UCLA on June 11th.

Glad to see the schedule is filled, but this is a far cry from last year's schedule:

Last year, Michigan stopped at almost 40 different venues for satellite camps, including in Australia. However, most camps were at high schools. The NCAA Division I Council passed a decree on April 14th that schools could only work 10 days in June or July. The other important precedent is that the camps must take place on a college campus.

Translation: Fuck the NCAA.





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June 2nd








still has 3 more days to hit 10 and can still schedule additional camps on the days listed



edit - never mind - the other 3 days are camps at Michigan

Evil Empire

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Central Georgia and southern Georgia

Northeast Ohio

East Texas and San Antonio

Hampton Roads, VA

Miami, FL

Nashville, TN


Los Angeles

That about covers the places we're trying to recruit.




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Going to be an hour away from Sacred Heart on June 10th but will be helping my wife photograph a wedding! Not something I can sneak away from unfortunately! Ugh!


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Actually, I think he needs to go all in on this one - in the middle of one of the post-ceremony photgraphy, toss on the groom's shoes and then offer to clean it up provided the suit is not rented. If the suit is rented, then say, "OH, SHIT..." and start running, eventually ending up at the practice. 


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I'll be taking my son and three other DII/DI prospects to this camp (my son being in the DII category). None are likely to be Michigan caliber, but this is a great opportunity. And my son would love to have a day with Harbaugh.


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VA is in that region where you're still getting lots of talent but the amount of fuck that exists in the south has not been allowed to be visited here due to the number of the immune who decided the state was worth saving; therefore, that perfect amount of talent, coupled with superior intellect is found in abundance. Should be viewed as more of a 1A than a default location.