Final Rivals Rankings-GRIII 11, McGary 30, Stauskas 71

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Can also make an argument now that Michigan has the best class in the Big 10.  Robinson is the highest Big 10 commit (Yogi Farrell and Gary Harris are both also 5 stars), and McGary is ahead of both Perea and Hollowell.  

Gary Harris is down at 25, which surprises me a lot.



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Can someone explain the slide of McGary I'm having a hard time figuring out how a player can drop 28 spots. I understand he has 6 other D1 players on his team but is it more than that ?


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He played much better during the summer in AAU than he did for his prep school - or he at least was able to show more, as his AAU team runs its offense through him while his prep school team does not.  He's also just a little overweight and a little banged up at this exact moment...I wouldn't worry about it, though.  He's not Chris Webber, but can be plenty good. 


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that he lost his motor and during that US game, one pointed out he was hovering too much around the perimeter. Other reports stated that he has gain "unneeded weight".  All -in- All, I believe he was playing through some type of injury. McGary will be fine. He will prove himself when on campus.


Jumping way ahead, but what if Hardaway and Burke stay for another year after 2012-2013 season with the next batch of recruits coming?  Not only am I looking forward seeing GRII, but Zac Irving and Derrick Walton are insane balla's!!


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Our 2012 class looks much more impressive than our 2013 class. Are we expecting to see a similar rankings increase with those guys, or what? I know stars aren't everything, but it does look weird to have a 5* and 2 4*s (and Spike) in this class and then 2 4*s and 2 3*s in the next one, no? 


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I'm not so sure why he's not more highly rated.  He's a 6'9" PF who can shoot, and likes to throw it down. 

He's not a Smotrycz type recruit who is 6'9" but timid in the post.  Donnal will bang around down low, defend the post, rebound, and step out and shoot.  I think he's a guy who will either rise up the rankings, or simply out-shine them once he's here.


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Weren't some people stating that Irvin was playing as well as Yogi Ferrell, if not better over the season? Some people seemed to indicate that he was the best player in Indiana. I think he will rise significantly but maybe not as much as GRIII (never really know about these things). Walton was also tearing it up and I think you are right that he moves to maybe a top 50 or 50 guy. Donnal has played well but as you say his limitations probably will not allow him to move up more than he is already ranked.


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because we know Austin Hatch isn't going to move up in anybody's estimation. Beilein seems to do a great job of identifying less-well-known recruits with high upside. But when a quarter of the class has no opportunity to rise in the rankings, it's difficult for the class as a whole to make as big of a jump.


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Man, GRIII jumped up the rankings in a major Pipkins way, even more.  GRIII was a 3-star guy that no one was crazy about when he committed, and look at him now.  That's nuts. 

oriental andrew

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Indiana: Kevin Ferrell (19), Jeremy Hollowell (41), Hanner Perea (43), Ron Patterson (131),

Michigan: GRIII (11), McGary (30), Stauskas (71)

msu: Gary Harris (25), Denzel Valentine (81), Matt Costello (83), Kenny Kaminski (113)

Iowa: Adam Woodbury (50), Mike Gessel (100)

Wisconsin: Sam Dekkar (13)

Purdue: AJ Hammons (77), Ronnie Johnson (94), Raphael Davis (96)

Northwestern: Kale Abrahamson (135)

Note: Doesn't include players outside the top 150

If I were rank these classes, I'd say Indiana by a nose over UM, with msu a close third. 


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GRIII looks to be a classic one and done player.  He has NBA athleticism to go with a pretty strong perimeter skills (remember he was a primarily jump shooter before his athleticism finally caught up to him).  He has a chance to make an immediate impact and become the #1 option on the team.


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Think Beilien has a good eye for talent? The only other teams to offer GRII, the #11 player in the country mind you, aside from Michigan were Colorado, Indiana St., IUPUI, Missouri St., and Valpo. 


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GRIII is starting to look like he will be another version of his dad.  His dad had a growth spurt late in HS, and looked like a much better prospect at the end of his senior year than at the end of his junior year.  

I'm not surprised he rose in the rankings.  I am sorta surprised that McGary sank as far as he did, though.  I wonder if he'll have a giant chip on his shoulder when he hits the floor at Crisler?  He could have more impact than any freshman in the country this season if things go right.


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I like the fact that Stauskas has inched his way up the rankings.  Any time I can say that Michigan's 3rd best highest recruit is #71 is a good year.  For reference, previous to this year, Evan Smotrycz is the only recruit who was ranked higher than #71 (according to rivals).


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I like the fact that Stauskas has inched his way up the rankings.  Any time I can say that Michigan's 3rd best highest recruit is #71 is a good year.  For reference, previous to this year, Evan Smotrycz is the only recruit who was ranked higher than #71 (according to rivals).