Final Rivals 250

Submitted by Gobluegr on January 18th, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Bolden at 111

Ross at 172

RJS at 184

Amara Darboh at 215

Reeves 219

Richardson 224




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Which likely gives them the better class according to Rivals, unless we close out strong. It's frustrating that we haven't (yet?) capitalized on the strong finish to our season (OSU victory, Nebraska thrashing, and Sugar Bowl win). Contrastingly, Meyer has pulled out 4 and 5 star recruits and in less than two months overtaken us despite a bowl loss and sanctions.
<br>I'm really hoping we can get Diggs or someone off the radar to pull back in front. I'm confident we get Garnett, but we need another headliner to put the finishing touches on the class.
<br>I know the coaches have done great job, but I question how they can't sell our program to a top wideout with our current O-line class and 5 star Shane Morris and Devin Gardner waiting in the wings. Obviously, the true verdict will come on signing day, but in the last two months Meyer has out recruited us, maybe not head-to-head, but definitely on the whole. Did we even go after Noah Spence? With our 3 D-line coaches, I would think we would have had a chance vs an offense-oriented coach?
<br>Hard not to get despondent...


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Games are not won on the recruiting trail.  Ask Clemson and Notre Dame.  Coaching and having players fit into the system are just as important as getting top recruits.  As shown by this last year's success, we have great coaching and now we are have a top 5 class coming in. 

A Dude

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Get diggs, these coaches really care about a persons character. When they schedule an in home visit only to find the recruit making a surprise visit elsewhere, that seems to pretty much close the door on their chances of coming here.


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If the diggs rumor was verified. But if true, can we have DGB instead? I hoping for at least one surprise on signing day. On the other hand, I could totally see Meyer pulling out Diggs and Wright...


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I clearly acknowledged head-to-head battles weren't problematic. I know we have recruited well this past year, but I am more concerned with how quickly they pulled ahead. We got the bulk of our recruits BEFORE our strong season finish, which hasn't yet translated to anything significant in terms of recruiting.
<br>I understand recruiting is just one of the pieces and that good coaching is another. But recruiting is where it all begins. Since Rivals has the best track-record, Ohio having a better class means something in what was supposed to be a down year for them.
<br>Regarding Diggs and others, just because a 17 or 18 year old kid makes a stupid decision doesn't mean they can't be made to realize their mistakes and correct them. I understand their reasoning, but there are always alternative approaches and mindsets.
<br>The fact that we couldn't capitalize on our surprisingly positive season finish while Ohio crushed it despite having a terrible finish frustrates me. As an example, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't have gone after Spence, if indeed we didn't.
<br>My point is that we didn't close the gap as much as I was hoping and maybe more could've been done. I don't know.

Wolverine 73

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because Meyer had a bunch of slots available in his class to fill, and Penn State obliged him by imploding and giving him an entree to poaching--what?--three of their top recruits?  Meyer is also going to generate some excitement, just accept it.  Let's see how it all plays out.  If recruiting rankings determined wins and losses, Wisocnsin would never get to the Rose Bowl.  Coaching is critical, and it sure looks like we have good coaching on both sides of the ball now.


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You're not drawing a fair or logical comparison. In the last two months, OSU has had to fill a bunch of slots, whereas M had already secured most its class, leaving only a few slots for blue-chips of the sort that draw things out until NSD: Garnett types. M has set things up so it's likely to close with two or three big signings. You're essentially blaming M for having secured a class well ahead of OSU.

Also, remember, OSU has not stolen a single recruit from Michigan. Michigan will end up with a top-five class. So chill.


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But this will probably be life as normal as long as Meyer is at Ohio State.  He's always recruited very well, and Hoke and co. will have their work cut out for them on the recruiting trail when competing with Urb.  Now on the field...that's a different matter.

Now, neg away for trolling or flamebait or whatever because we all know reality is not welcome around here.


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MSU's Burbridge is ranked #103 and the highest ranked in the state.

So, according to Rivals, Sparty has secured the #1 in state recruit for 3 straight years (Big Will was the last non-Sparty)

But obviously the in-state recruiting champ, per Rivals and Scout, is UM by a large margin


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Todd McShay, was just on ESPN talking about how Hemingway has increased his draft stock quite a bit with his performances during the practices.


Cunningham from MSU as well.    I guess the B1G guys have been workin hard down there.


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Are we overrating Ross/RJS/Wilson a bit? I understand Ross is somewhat small for an NFL linebacker, and rivals rates gears their recruiting a bit towards NFL potential, although RJS and Wilson seem to have at least adequate size as an NFL prospect. 


January 18th, 2012 at 1:02 PM ^

As far as NFL potential to me that doesn't matter. This isn't the NFL and where they go from Michigan on isn't nearly as important to me as them coming in and playing at the College level and continue to bring Michigan back into the national spot light as a contender for B1G titles and national championships.

If Hoke and Mattison believe that these kids are the right fit then I could care less what the stars say on the recruiting websites.


January 18th, 2012 at 1:11 PM ^

RJS never bulked up the way the experts expected after he was very highly touted as a JR and seemed to lose his aggressive, decisive play that made him so deadly last year. I think that's the reason he has lost some steam to the recruiting services. Still a great player with a lot of potential, just not the sure-fire stud he seemed before his senior season. At least that's what I've picked up from a few articles/tid bits.


no idea what the story on Wilson is. 


January 18th, 2012 at 1:51 PM ^ much stock into how Meyer is doing at Ohio as far as recruiting goes. Remember, at Florida he was pulling in 4 and 5 stars left and right, and yet, Florida, as a team, declined in competitiveness his last couple of years there. Screw him.

I care more about Hoke and Co. bringing in high quality, high character kids. That alone will translate to Michigan fielding a good/great team year in and year out. Will Ohio beat us in the future? Almost certainly. Will they dominate us like they did during the Vest's tenure as their coach? Not while Hoke is still our coach. I love the quality of kids Hoke has brought in, and personally, I cannot find a questionable recruit, as far as character is concerned. The fact that he is bringing these kids in, and them being amongst the highly rated ones too, should allay everyone's concerns about how Ohio is doing.