(FINAL) Poll: Big Ten Rivalries

Submitted by MGoSoftball on December 20th, 2012 at 1:56 PM

Illinois:  Us with NW second

Iowa: Minny with Wiskey second

Indiana: Purdue only

moo u:  Us only

Minny: Wisky with Iowa a distant second

Nebraska: Very strange answers.  Many said "None" however I got the feeling the old timers went for Oklahoma and the young guys said Iowa.  I know it was posted on this thread that Neb/iowa will never be a rivalry game.  Time does funny things to people.  So for the sake of arguement it was: Oklahoma then Iowa/None for second.

Northwestern: Some strange answers here as well.  Many of the old timers say us.  They spoke of acedemics as well as athletics.  The younger guys said us or Illinois.  Overall I call it a tie.

Notre Dame: Us and USC were tied.

Ohio: Us only

Penn State: Ohio first, Us second.

Purdue: Notre Dame only.  Maybe a little brother complex??

Wisconsin: Us with Minny a distant second.

So we have the most B1G teams that call us rivals.  Im not sure that is good or bad.




Last year there was some discussion regarding Illinois and how they said that we were their (Illinois) biggest rivals.  That was a surprise to some on this board, including me.

Earlier this year, my company hired a new VP.  On his first day, he was walking around the office, introducing  himself to the staff.  He came to my shrine (errr, I mean cubicle).  The first thing he said after we exchanged pleasantries was "Im a Wisconsin Badger.  We hate Michigan"  We laughed a little and he said that we are Wisconsin's major rival.  I was surprised again.

So that had me thinking of other Big Ten schools.  Who is each school's rival?  Then I formulated a plan to find out the answer.  I put the question below on a blog of every Big Ten member this spring/summer.  Here is the question:

"I am a Graduate Engineering student of a Big Ten School.  I am asking blog members of each Big Ten school who their #1 rival is.  Please answer only if you have a relationship with your school (student, alumni, season ticket holder, family member is a student, employee, staff, contractor etc).  Please do not answer if you are a casual fan of the school."

As you can see, I did not include the criteria of "rival".  It could be football, basketball, softball, academics or other.  I left it open to interpretation.  I also posted on an ND board as well.  I did this before Rutgers and Maryland joined but I will hit them up as well.

So just for fun can anyone guess what the answers are? I will post the answers in an Edit of the OP in a few days.




December 21st, 2012 at 11:45 AM ^

the list to include all current B1G Members.  I have questions out to Rutgers and Maryland blogs.  I have some interesting comments from them too.  I will share later.