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Needless to say, tickets for the game against Syracuse are scarce and expensive so I was thinking of just waiting outside the arena until the first game ends and scalping from a fan of the loser. Has anyone done this before? If so, any insight would be appreciated.



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Flash Seats is how I got mine.  Very legit.  There's a way you can send your tickets to others via email.  Not a great way for money to change hands though.  I am paying my friend via check, not via flash seats.  Flash seats seems to be a ticket management tool after the tickets are paid for.


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Its because the NCAA is moving to a ticketless structure and Flash Seats is their offical provider.  AKA the NCAA now gets to control the movement (scalping) of tickets because you have to use their system to do so. 

They also take a huge (something like 20%) cut of all tickets sold, which is why you'll see eBay auctions for the tickets (send the money through paypal) and then the seller will just transfer the tickets into your name instead of selling them through Flash Seats portal. 



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Now that I think of it, when I logged in, there was an option for selling tickets that I did not explore.  So maybe there is a safe way to exchange money built into Flash Seats.  Like  I said, my friend just sent me the tickets via that site and we are settling up later.... so maybe he had to indicate the sale price was $0 or something on his end.  He initiated the transfer.  You will have to create an account and register that account with a credit card, then that credit card is used to pick up tickets at the venue. 


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I actually won 4 tickets in the NCAA lottery this year.  FlashSeats is the method that the NCAA is using in distributing tickets, and is how my tickets are set-up.  I don't like it but whatever I guess. 

Just remember that all members of your party will need to enter at the same time with whatever credit cardor ID is on file with FlashSeats.  If not arriving together, each person will need to have their own ID or credit card on file with FlashSeats and their ticket under their own FlashSeats account.


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Thinking of driving over from Charleston, SC to Atlanta

Cheapest I can find are 360 for upper corner nosebleeds...why does it cost so much money to do cool stuff related to Michigan athletics?


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We watched the M-Kansas game at the bar in DTW and got to London Saturday morning.

My parents stayed at the hotel with the kids last night and we went to a bar in London Bridge called "Belushi's."  Seems like they specialize in a lot of American sports.  There was a group of about a dozen that seemed like regulars and several more.  My wife and I made friends with 3 current Ross Business School students that are here for a 7 week assignment.

Needless to say, we had a blast.  Beer was good, appetizer plate we had was decent, and the game was awesome.

From what I can gather, Belushi's has about 5 locations in London that show games as well as several others in England and Western Europe.  On short notice, it was a home run for us.  We're staying right near the London Eye, and it was just two tube stops and a short walk away, and we felt very safe the whole time.  Highly recommended.

Also, this site seemed to have a lot of information:

Good luck.  Hopefully, our flight Saturday morning isn't delayed!!!!


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I called Belushi's and they close at 3am, which would mean about 5 minutes into the second half. Sports Cafe closes even earlier (was there last week). Im gonna go to Carlsberg's ... any other Wolverines in town shoud go too..


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what you can also do is buy a ticke to just get you into the building and after the first game you can go to the section of the losing team and offer to buy there seats in the lower level for the second game.  

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warning: if you get seats WAY UP HIGH in such an arena, it makes for a pretty bad viewing experience. I would either get into the 200s or closer or just go to an awesome bar and watch. there are definitely plenty of bad seats.


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Well, my experience is 20 long years ago in New Orleans.

First, the Final Four is not like the regionals. It is more of a Super Bowl environment.  There are a ton of people that go to the Final Four every year no matter who is playing.  That being said, there are scalped tickets to be found.  StubHub now being a thing, I suspect, makes this way easier (and makes the market more efficient -- this could work for you or against you).

Second, I agree with Coach Schiano...  We were in the nosebleeds of the Superdome and the games were pretty far away from us.  It wasn't *bad* but it was far.

Good luck and have fun!