Final Four Mix

Submitted by SFBlue on April 5th, 2013 at 1:56 PM

Taking suggestions here.  So far I got mucho Outkast.  Considering a Bieber tune as an homage to McGary. 


So Far:


ATLiens -- Outkast

Hard in the Paint -- DJ Rell

Getcha Getcha -- Nelly ("we wear blue and gold like we from Michigan")

Southerns Aint Slow -- Young Jeezy

Cruisin in the ATL -- Outkast

Southern Fried Intro -- Ludacris

Beauty and a Beat -- Biebs (heyo, McGary)

Get Crunk -- Lil Jon

Fireworks -- The Tragically Hip (hail, Stauskas)


When the Stars Go Blue -- Ryan Adams

You Will Remember Tonight -- Andrew W.K.

Chonkyfire -- Outkast