Final Football Imperialism Map

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For a while, people were following the Football Imperialism Map.  I'm not sure what happened to that regular post, but I thought the final map was, uh, interesting.  As one poster on /r/cfb on reddit pointed out, more than a few people in Michigan live in territory occupied by Appalachian State, while much of the country is occupied by OSU.  It seems that we are living in dark times.

and a link to more good stuff on the original reddit page: Final Imperialism Map



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They also are the current holders of the "College Football Belt" - which is tangentally similiar to CFB imperalism.  The Belt is - if you start back at the first college football game and move forward from there like the Heavyweight Boxing Championship, Pitt holds "the Belt" on 9-Jan-2018.


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Pittsburgh has lost to an FCS team once before (Youngstown State, 2012). 

Unlike that YSU team, Albany is a below-average FCS team.  So doubt it happens, but it would be bizarre for the Belt to drop to the FCS level.  

If Pitt beats Albany, they play PSU next, so the Belt could get in B1G hands.  It would be the first time The Belt has been held by a B1G team since Ohio State prior to the 2007 National Title game.  Michigan last had it in 2003 (see the link below for the complete lineage).…


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1)  You take every county in the country and assign it as owned by the closest FBS school.  So for example, Washtenau County would be owned by Michigan

2)  In week two, every team that wins takes over all the counties owned by the team they beat

3)  Repeat this for every step of the season

So for Washtenau County,

Michigan's first loss was to MSU on October 7

MSU won on October 14 and October 21 and held it

On October 28, Northwestern beat MSU and took it

Northwestern won out from there so they held it at the end of the year


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Damnit, Appalachian State owns Wayne County, Michigan.

....and now I will probably have to relive a vague and ill-defined event that my conscious memory - as it is right now - cannot coherently recall (just glimpses, flashes of light, nothing which makes any sense) if they have their way with us. 


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This isn’t a hard concept. You start out owning pieces on the map (in this case, counties). Then, as you progress through the season, you win or lose territory. So as an example, when Michigan beat Florida, they owned counties in Florida (where Gainesville is). It goes through the whole season. When you lose, you lose whatever territory you won as well.


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It makes me laugh how every time this is posted, at least half the people have no idea how it works.


Interesting observations: the only schools holding their home territory or close to it are UCF, Bama, and I think Appalchaian State (I don't know where exactly in North Carolina their campus is).  Maybe Pitt too; they don't hold Pittsburgh but they kinda have it surrounded. 


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They have captured many small villages in rural areas but have yet to take a major city state. They must acquire more advanced technology like the forward pass to do so